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Select the "Credits" at the "Options" menu. Then, quickly press [Up]x2, [Down]x2, [Left], [Right], [Left], [Right], [B], [A], [Up]x2, [Down]x2, [Left], [Right], [Left], [Right], [A], [B] on controller four. A sound will confirm correct code entry.

KONSENTO:03 and MAID-ZUKIN dancers
Select the "Dancers" at the "Options" menu. Then, hold [X] + [Y] on controller four until a sound confirms correct code entry.
Bonus songs
.59 (Kyd Konami Mix) - Jesper Kyd: Complete Istanbul Café in heavy mode.
G2 - Aya: Play 200 songs. Alternately, successfully complete the Extra 1 challenge.
GYRUSS (FULL TILT) - JT.1UP: Unlocked after completing 50 songs.
I Feel... (T.O.Y. Remix) - T.O.Y.: Get over 12,000 points on mini-game during the credits.
In My Eyes (Midihead Remix) - Midihead: Play 100 songs.
Make A Jam! (Dub/House Mix) - Big Idea: Win Make A Jam mode under all three difficulty settings.
MAX 300 (Super-Max-Me-Mix) - Jondi and Spesh: Get an "AAA" rank on any song, or complete Maxx Unlimited mode in heavy mode.
Midnight Special - Love Machineguns: Play 20 songs.
Toe Jam - Big Idea: Complete Baile Le Samba in heavy mode.
Zero One: Get an "AA" rank on any song.

Credits mini-game
While watching the game credits, match the directions at the top left of the screen.

Big prize payoff surprise
Their are two ways to do this trick. Either play the game on April 1st or set your system clock to that date and play the game. At some time when you are at or enter the menu screen, the girl will start to say something like "Congratulations, you are the one-millionth person to play DDR. You have won a trip to Japan... April Fools!".

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