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Change song
Hold [White] during game play to advance to the next song.

Need For Speed Underground traffic
Complete all Crash Mode levels with a "Gold" rank. Then, hold [White] + [Black] while choosing a car at the vehicle selection screen. The civilian cars in traffic will be replaced by those found in Need For Speed Underground. Note: Some vehicles, for example the bus, will not be changed. However, there are Need For Speed Underground taxis.

Compact Types 1, 2, and 3
Available from the start of the compact race series.

Sports Types 1, 2, and 3
Win a Gold Medal in the Vineyard Coupe Grand Prix.

Assassin Compact car
Get 15 Takedowns.

Assassin Muscle car
Get 30 Takedowns.

Assassin Coupe car
Get 60 Takedowns.

Assassin Super car
Get 150 Takedowns.

Custom Compact Car
Get 10,000 Burnout points in world tour mode.

Custom Muscle Car
Get 25,000 Burnout points in world tour mode.

Custom Sports Car
Get 100,000 Burnout points in world tour mode.

Custom Super Car
Get 200,000 Burnout points in world tour mode.

Muscle DX Car
Get 10 Gold Medals in world tour mode.

Sports DX Car
Get 25 Gold Medals in world tour mode.

Tuned Compact
Win a Gold Medal in Downtown Race 1.

Tuned Muscle
Win a Gold Medal in the Kings Of The Road Race.

Tuned Super
Win a Gold Medal in the Island Paradise Face-Off
Easy money in Crash mode
When you get to the main menu, go to "Single Event" and "Crash Mode". Select "Junction 19", "Tuk Down", and "Muscle type 1" as your car. Boost start at the beginning. Drift and collect either the gold or silver (it is possible to collect both of them). Smash through the boxes avoiding the wall, into the boost and up evenly on the jump, avoiding the heart-breaker to your right. Collect the x2 multiplier and after touch, making sure you try to land evenly without hitting any boxes. Slide into the Crashbreaker, and get to the x4 multiplier past the buses in aftertouch. If you get knocked out of the way by the buses, wait until you stop and press "Crashbreaker". Aim in the direction of the x4 multiplier. If you miss, you always have the x2 as a fail safe. It is possible to get $1,500,000 to $1,750,000. Repeat this, and do not select "Retry"; as all the money adds up to the total score.

Go to junction titled "On-Rampage". The largest car you have will work best. Getting the boost start at the beginning is not required, but it does help. It is possible grab the silver or bronze pick-ups, then pick up the 4x multiplier and hit the car that is closest to the yellow strip on the road in the oncoming lanes. Use aftertouch to try to stay in the spot that you hit that car. Wait until there are two or three seconds remaining, then use your crashbreaker to explode. Try to take out the gas tankers with the explosion. It is possible to get $1.8 million to $2.5 million.

Quick start
Hold the gas while tapping the brakes to get your tires smoking. When the countdown is between "1" and "Go", release the gas, then press it again.

Unlocking cars
Choose your favorite track in world tour mode and race it repeatedly (do not retry). Continue, then repeat.

Find a stage or track in world tour mode that you can get a lot of money from. Keep playing that track until you have unlocked the next car in your line-up.

Move after you have stopped in crash

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