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Slayer power
Press [Y]x3, [Black]x3, [Y], [White], [Black]x2, [White], [Y] at the extras screen. The sound of a scream will confirm correct code entry.

Unlimited health
Press [Y], [White], [Black]x2, [White], "Y Black"(3), [Y]x3 at the extras screen. The sound of a scream will confirm correct code entry. Note: Falls are still harmful.

Multi-player arenas 1 through 2
Press [Black]x4, [White], [Y], [Black]x2, [White], [Y], [White], [Black] at the extras screen. The sound of a scream will confirm correct code entry.

Multi-player arenas 1 through 4
Press [Y]x2, [White], [Black]x2, [Y]x5, [White], [Black] at the extras screen. The sound of a scream will confirm correct code entry. All four multi-player arenas will be unlocked.

Multi-player story mode
Enable the "Multi-player arenas" code. Select any arena, then exit out of it. Load a saved game and begin game play in story mode. Press [Start] on controller two when a major character is encountered during game play. If more than one major character is encountered in a scene, press [Start] to scroll through those that are controllable. Controller two can now be used to control that person. Press [Back] on controller two to stop controlling them. Note: You can also control Bosses.
Easy health
When you start after a checkpoint and your life is low, intentionally kill yourself. When you resurrect, you will have double the life you had when you started at the checkpoint.

Spanish Mission - Courtyard: Elixir
When inside the villa, climb up the haystacks to reach the top level. Then, break the wooden boards that are blocking the window near to where the key was located.

Sunnydale Cemetery - Entrance : Power Sunnydale Cemetery - Entrance: Elixir
Get to the second courtyard and open the orange crypt door at the top of the stairs to find an Elixir.

Sunnydale Cemetery - Graveyard: Health Crystals
Enter the main gate then immediately turn left. Break the wall behind two candles to find a Power Crystal.

Find the coffin the spawns the zombies. Search the small building to the right of the coffin to find another Power Crystal.


Open the rusty door on the right side in the first room to find a hidden Elixir.

After the explosion, go back to the main staircase. Walk downstairs to the boiler room entrance. Open the janitor's door and move carefully behind the flames to find another Elixir.

Sunnydale High School - Gymnasium: Elixir
Get to the corridor where the first demon dog appears. Walk up the stairs and enter the room next to the room where Willow was hiding in the previous level. Look bbehind the broken desk near the chalkboard to find an Elixir.

Sunnydale High School - Gymnasium: Holy Water
After the intermission sequence with the man getting thrown through the doors, run through the now smashed open doors. Look for a brown locker in the hall. Open it to find a Holy Water.

Sunnydale High School - Library: Health Crystal
Enter the doorway smashed through by the demon dog. Break the planks over the doorway inside. A Health Crystal can be found on the floor, near a corpse.

The Bronze Nightclub - Back Alley: Elixirs
Get all the way across the balcony in the spacious area where Spike is located. Jump down through the rooftop window to find an Elixir. Then open the big cupboard in this room to find a second Elixir.

The Bronze Nightclub - Exterior: Elixir
Use the cable to shimmy across from one rooftop to another. Break the four boxes behind a small wall to find an Elixir.

The Bronze Nightclub - Railroad: Power Crystal
Search the left side of the far end of the railroad tracks to find a Power Crystal.

The Bronze Nightclub: Health Crystals
Run upstairs past the giant vampire to the top level of the club. A Health Crystal is hidden under one of the wooden stools.

Go past the room where a victim flies through a window. Jump across the balcony to find another Health Crystal.

Defeating Evil Buffster
Beat her up until her life is gone, then use the Hellfire Gun before you die.

To defeat Dark Buffy you must have Fire. If you do not, you must start from a checkpoint with Fire (three checkpoints back). Make sure over the course of playing the game that you have not put any Fire into your crossbow bolts before starting over, The crossbow will kill her instantly.

Defeating vampires
Let the vampire rush at you and stake them when they are near.

Have your back facing the vampire, and when they are close stake them.

Knocking the vampire into the environment (for example, throw them onto a piece of wood sticking out).

Run towards the vampire, and when they are close, stake them.

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