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Faster reload
Immediately after pressing [L] to reload, press [L3] to block. When [L3] is released, your weapon will be instantly reloaded.

Expert mode
Successfully complete the game under the normal or hard difficulty setting to unlock the expert difficulty setting.

Completion bonuses
Successfully complete the game to unlock the "Trailer" option and all entries in the "Gallery" and "Sound Test" screens.

Alternate ending sequence
After Alex becomes affected by the Pendulum effect and begins to float outside the helicopter, have Derrick walk out of the helicopter towards her. You will also enter the Pendulum effect and can enter the future with Alex to start an alternate ending sequence.
Spread fingered gesture
Hold [Block] then press [White], [Black].

Backfist: Hold [Right] and press [L]x3.
Block Roll: Click the "Left-Analog-stick" to block, then press [Left] or [Right] as you are hit.
Counter Attack: Click the "Left-Analog-stick" to block, then press [R] as you are hit.
Double-Punch Kick: Press [L], [R], [R].
Hook Combo: Hold [Right] and press [R], [L], [R].
Hook-Chop Combo: Hold [Left] and press [L], [R], [L].
Low Kick: Press [R], [L].
Rising Elbow: Press "Run Up" + [L] + [R], then press [L].
Rising Upper: Press "Run Up" + [L] + [R], then press [R].
Roll Dodge: Press "Run Up" + [L], then press [Left]x2 or [Right]x2.
Triple Punch: Press [L]x2, [R]..
Uppercut Combo: Press [L], [R], [L].
Derrick gropes in the dark
About half way in the game when you reach the elevator that goes to the F Block, the power will go out. Everything will go dark. Instead of facing the control panel to open the elevator doors, face Alex. Press the access button when it indicates you to do so. Derrick will reach and touch Alex's breast. She will simply say "Stop it!".

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