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May. 04, 2010
Unlock Bonus Characters
Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding character:

Boris Becker - Defeat Boris Becker at the end of Arcade mode under the Easy or Hard AI difficulty setting. Note: You may need to win all tournaments without losing a point.
Duke - Win the King Of Players Tournaments then defeat Duke.
King - Win the King of Players tournament two times then defeat King.
Stefan Edberg - Complete Arcade mode in doubles and defeat Stefan Edberg and Boris Becker at the end.
Tim Henman - Complete all Academy Challenges under the Beginner and Advanced difficulty.

Unlock Fancy Clothes
By clearing certain minigames in the World Tour, you can unlock clothes to buy:

Bowling Clothes - Clear the Pin Crusher minigame on all levels.
Karate Clothes - Clear the Avalanche minigame on all modes.
Skeleton Clothes - Clear the Block Buster minigame on all levels.
Superhero Clothes - Clear the Shopping Dash minigame on all levels.
Zookeeper Clothes - Clear the Zoo Feeder minigame on all levels.

Unlock Concept Rackets
Clearing the professional FED and/or Davis Cup will reward you with a new concept racket:

SuperDrive Concept Racket - Win the FED/DAVIS cup once.
Fire Concept Racket - Win the FED/DAVIS cup twice.
Rainbow Concept Racket - Win the FED/DAVIS cup three times.
Emerald Concept Racket - Win the FED/DAVIS cup four times.
Squished Concept Racket - Win the FED/DAVIS cup five times.
Panther Concept Racket - Win the FED/DAVIS cup six times.

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