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Primary Collection of Cheats
Cheat Mode
Enter these cheats at the cheats password option:

PonitHogger - Always Special
HelloHelium - Chipmunk Voices
EvilChimneySweep - Demon Skater
DisplayCoordinates - Display Coordinates
IMISSMANUALS - Enables Manuals (Up then Down on the D-Pad)
WatchForDoors - Extreme Car Crashes
FirstPersonJam - First Person Skater
OotbaghForever - Free Boost
IWannaBeTallTall - Giganto-Skater
NowYouSeeMe - Invisible Skater
BirdBirdBirdBird - Large Birds
DownTheRabbitHole - Mini Skater
TightRopeWalker - Perfect Manual
LikeTiltinAPlate - Perfect Rail
IAmBob - Perfect Stats
FourLights - Picasso Skater
TonyFishDownhillJam - Power Of The Fish!
BirdBirdBirdBirdBird - Really Large Birds
ChimneySweep - Shadow Skater
ShirnkThePeople - Tiny People
RaidTheWoodshed - Unlock All Boards & Outfits
AdventuresOfKwang - Unlock All Events
FreeBozzler - Unlock All Movies
ImInterfacing - Unlock All Skaters
Unlockable boards
Get gold, silver, or bronze on the event to unlock:

Black Icer - Precision Shopping Slalom (Tier 7)
Chaos - Vista Point Race (Random)
Cruiser - Grind Time (Tier 4)
Dark Sign - He-Man Club/Girl Power (Tier 5)
Dispersion - Machu Picchu Top to Bottom Race (Tier 7)
Dragon - Swiss Elimination (Tier 9)
Goddess of Speed - The Hills Are Alive Tricks (Tier 9)
Illuminate - Machu Pichu Top to Bottom Tricks (Tier 4)
Kuni - Hong Kong Race (Tier 2)
Makonga - Mall Rats (Tier 8)
Red Rascal - San Francisco Elimination (Tier 3)
Ripper - Del Centro Slalom (Tier 7)
Solar - Tourist Trap (Tier 1)
Spooky - Clearance Sale (Tier 6)
Street Issue - Street Issue Slalom (Tier 1)

Unlockable outfits
Complete event with a gold, silver, or bronze:

Ammon's Money Suit - Edinburgh Full Tricks (Tier 3)
Ammon's Tan Suit - Saturday Matinee (Tier 9)
Ammon's Tommy T - Seaside Village Race (Tier 6)
Budd's Power of Chi - Rome Elimination (Tier 6)
Budd's The Bohemian - Catacombs Slalom (Tier 2)
Budd's Toys for Bob - Waterfront Race (Random)
Crash's Bombs Away - Fallen Empire Race (Tier 4)
Crash's Brace for Impact - Out of the Woods Race (Tier 5)
Crash's Space Monkey - Lift Off (Tier 7)
Gunnar's Black Knight - Park It Anywhere (Tier 7)
Gunnar's High-G Armor - Gunnar's Threads (Tier 1)
Gunnar's Street Creds - Favela Rush (Tier 4)
Jynx's Black Tuesday - Road to Cuzco Race (Tier 3)
Jynx's Funeral Fun Del - Centro Race (Tier 7)
Jynx's Graveyard Casual - Cable Car Tricks (Random)
Kyla's Alpine Red - San Francisco Full Slalom (Tier 9)
Kyla's Shooting Star - Cuzco Challenge Race (Tier 2)
Kyla's Touchdown - Clear the Streets (Tier 5)
MacKenzie's Killer Bee - High Street Slalom (Tier 6)
MacKenzie's Spitfire Squadron - Edinburgh Full Race (Tier 4)
MacKenzie's Street Combat - Parking Lot Shuffle (Tier 7)
Tiffany's Baby Blue - Tourist Spot Slalom (Tier 2)
Tiffany's Military Chic - Shopping Spree (Tier 8)
Tiffany's Nero Style - Rome Burning (Tier 7)
Tony's Business Camouflage - Mountain High Race (Random)
Tony's Business Camouflage - Mountain High Race (Random)
Tony's Downhill Jam - Hills Are Alive Race (Tier 9)
Tony's Mariachi Loco - Out of the Woods Tricks (Random)

Unlockable skaters
Complete event with gold, silver, or bronze:

Armando Gnutbagh - Unknown Skater (Tier 10)
Crash - Crash Test (Tier 3)
Kevin Stabb - Kevin's Challenge (Random)
MacKenzie - MacKenzie's Challenge (Tier 2)

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