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Unlock Characters
Lucario - Defeat in SSE with Meta Knight
Luigi - Complete Classic Mode on Easy
Captain Falcon - Beat Classic in 20 minutes or less then defeat him in the following match
Jigglypuff - Complete Classic Mode with any character other than Ike or Complete Event Match 20
Ness - Play five matches OR Reflect ten projecticles OR meet Ness in SSE
Marth - Complete Classic Mode using Ike
Snake - Play 10 matches on Shadow Moses Island
Sonic - Complete the Subspace Emissary

Unlockable Modes
All-Star Mode - Unlock all the hidden characters

Unlockable Stages
Pokémon Stadium - Play on Pokémon Stadium 2 10 times in VS Mode
Jungle Japes - Play on any Melee stage 10 times in VS Mode
Mario Bros. - Complete Event #19
Luigi's Mansion - Complete Classic Mode on Easy
Port City - Play as Captain Falcon 10 times in VS Mode

Selecting Zero Suit Samus
To use Zero Suit Samus at the start of a match, select Samus on the character screen and hold the following button before the match starts with the corresponding controller that is being used:

Gamecube/Classic controller - Hold the [R] button.
Wii Remote with Nunchuk - Hold the [Z] button.
Wii Remote - Hold the [-] button.

Unlock Music
Dream Chaser - Play 10 vs. matches on Port Town.
Fire Field - Complete Event #24.
3D Hot Rally Title - Clear Target Level 5 With Anyone.
Frozen Hillside - Play on the Halberd stage 10 times in VS mode.
Goruda - Play 10 vs. matches on Halberd.
Great Temple - Complete Event #33 on Difficult.
His World - Play 10 vs. matches on Green Hill Zone.
Ike's Theme - Find Ike in the Subspace Emissary.
King Dedede's Theme - Complete Event #15.
Kuru Kuru Land - Get a distance of 400m in Home-Run Contest with one character.
Legendary Air Rider Machine - Complete Event #13.
Love Song (commercial version) - Get a combined distance of 12500m in Home-Run Contest.
Mach Rider (melee version) - Defeat 50 alloys in Endless Multi-Man Brawl.
Menu 2 - Unlock All 35 Characters.
Metroid Prime 2 - Multi-Play - Play 10 vs. matches on Frigate Orpheon.
Mountain and Forest - Complete Event #18 on Difficult.
Powerhungry Fool - Play 10 vs. matches on Castle Siege.
Road to Tokiwa - Complete Event #8.
Song of Storms - Complete Event #37.
Snake Eater - Play 15 vs. matches on Shadow Moses Island.
Staff Credits Music - Clear Classic Mode on Difficult.
Taru Taru Highlands - Clear All-Star Mode on Easy.

Unlock Stage Builder Parts
Parts A - Play 10 vs. matches on Stage Builder Stages.
Parts B - Create 5 Stages in Stage Builder.
Parts C - Create 15 Stages in Stage Builder.

Unlock Target Tests
By clearing various difficulties of Classic, you can unlock different levels of Target Test as outlined below. Note that if you unlock a higher difficulty level before an lower one, you will unlock all the ones before it e.g. If you clear Classic mode once on Intense, you will unlock all the target tests.

Level 2 (Medium) - Beat Classic Mode twice on Easy or once on Medium.
Level 3 (Hard) - Beat Classic Mode twice on Medium or once on Hard.
Level 4 (Very Hard) - Beat Classic Mode twice on Hard or once on Very Hard.
Level 5 (Intense) - Beat Classic Mode twice on Very Hard or once on Intense.

Switch Between Samus and Zero Suit Samus
At any time during a match, quickly use an Up Taunt, a Down Taunt, and an Up Taunt. It's not a Final Smash, so you will not do damage.

Unlock Stages
Perform the following tasks to unlock the corresponding stages:

75m - Play as DK 20 times
Big Blue (old) - Play as Falcon 10 times
Electroplankton - Complete Event Match #28
Flat Zone 2 - Unlock Mr. Game & Watch
Frozen Hillside - Fight on the Halberd Stage 10 times
Great Sea - Unlock Toon Link
Green Greens - Play as Kirby 20 times
Green Hill Zone - Unlock Sonic
Jungle Japes - Fight in VS. Mode 10 times
Luigi's Mansion - Fight with Luigi in VS. Mode 3 times
Mario Bros. - Complete Event Match #19
Pokémon Stadium - Fight in Pokémon Stadium 2 10 times (VS. Mode)
Port Town - Play as Falcon 10 times (VS. Mode)
Spear Pillar - Complete Event Match #25

Unlock Virtual Console Trials
You can unlock Virtual Console trials of old classic Nintendo games by performing the following:

Donkey Kong - Play SSBB for ten hours.
F-Zero - Complete the Subspace Emissary.
Super Mario Bros. 2 (USA) - Win with Peach in VS. mode five times.
Super Mario World - Play on Yoshi's Island's stage three times.
The Legend of Zelda - Play as Toon Link ten times.

Character Conversations
Rotate the [D-pad] clockwise while using the following characters in the appropriate stages to trigger mid-battle conversations:

Fox/Falco - Lylat Cruise, Corneria (Melee stage).
Snake - Shadow Moses Island.
Wolf - Lylat Cruise.

K.K. Slider Concert
If you play any kind of Brawl on the "Smashville" Animal Crossing stage when your Wii's internal clock is set to a Saturday between the hours of 8:00 PM and midnight, K.K. "Totakeke" Slider will appear in the background of the stage and serenade your brawl.

Easy CD and Sticker Drops
First, acquire Stage Builder Parts Set B (Make 5 custom stages). Make a level where there are conveyor belts running into a wall, and a platform somewhere in the level that a player can stand on and stay there.

Plug in a second controller. Go into options, and set every item EXCEPT Sandbag off. Set items to high. Go into your conveyor-belt-level in a regular Brawl and have the second character jump and stay on the platform, so it's not in the way.

Now, when the Sandbags fall, they'll stay at the wall. Use your character (Kirby's basic A attack, repeatedly, recommended or another character that can hit many times quickly.) to hit the Sandbags over and over. Since all other items are turned off, only stickers and CDs will appear. This is the easiest way to get a lot of CDs/Stickers quickly.

Unlock Hidden Assist Trophies
There are 6 secret assist trophies in total. Below are the methods for unlocking them.

Advance Wars Assist Trophy - Play 300 brawls.
Barbara Assist Trophy - Unlock 25 or more CDs.
Gray Fox Assist Trophy - Unlock Snake.
Isaac Assist Trophy - Play 200 brawls.
Ray MK III Assist Trophy - Play 100 brawls.
Shadow the Hedgehog Assist Trophy - Unlock Sonic the Hedgehog.

Unlock More Rules
Get 200 KOs In Standard Brawl.

New Sound Test Categories
To hear the sounds from these new categories in the sound test, do the following:

Fanfare - Unlock all characters.
Assist Trophies 3 - Unlock all assist trophies.
Kirby's Copy Abilities - Unlock all characters.
Narration - Unlock Boss Battles and All-Star.
Subspace Enemies and Bosses - Clear the subspace emissary.

Random Stage Switch
To unlock random stage switch under the rules option, you need to unlock all the stages with additional rules enabled.

Fight Crazy Hand in Classic Mode
To fight Crazy Hand in Classic, you must reach the Master Hand in under nine minutes and without using any continues. Also, it must be completed on Hard mode or higher. If these conditions are met, Crazy Hand will appear alongside Master Hand at the start of the match.

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