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Primary Collection of Cheats
Unlock Metalic Ryza and Leo
Press [Up], [Down], [Left], [Right], [A] at the title screen (before you create a game save).
Another Set of Cheats for This Game
Card Codes
Enter the following codes at the card input system (available after level 4):

442-333-776 - Bombzar.
522-415-781 - Butobasu.
465-149-303 - Daidongu.
011-235-813 - Flamerax.
512-139-319 - Floralmi.
014-087-331 - Galaxy Axe.
183-631-190 - Galaxy Blaster.
134-903-170 - Galaxy Glove.
334-944-377 - Galaxy Lance.
679-142-964 - Galaxy Sword.
329-712-150 - Gem Sword.
976-777-874 - Giga Axe.
151-422-983 - Gorberus.
765-109-461 - Hikolassa.
953-316-291 - Life Mineral.
213-455-891 - Mizusar.
258-441-816 - Optoger.
109-871-597 - Scarazook.
771-128-657 - Shakablad.
641-831-781 - Shimadoros.
463-687-502 - Spikanor.
739-088-169 - Totegarda.
692-178-309 - Yagizora.
204-013-462 - Zapizor.
028-879-227 - Zuwakrid.
Metallic Leopubar and Rygazelle
After obtaining the 3rd Shard, talk to the large member of the "three shady characters" that harassed you throughout the mission. Make sure Jeena is with you. He'll let you link up to your copy of Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals for the Nintendo DS to unlock these two Spectrobes and put them in your Incubator.

Silver Komainu
Once you beat the Krux, save! Then continue on the file you beat him on, and it will say that a silver Komainu was added to the first avalibe open space in your incubeator. His shininess simular to Leopuba and Rygazelle's but silver.

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