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Dec. 20, 2008
Unlock Party Characters
Collecting Fire Souls will unlock the four hidden characters playable in the Party Mode:

Blaze - 105 Fire Souls
Cream - 042 Fire Souls
Shadow - 030 Fire Souls
Silver - 087 Fire Souls

The Different Types Of Sonic
If you get enough Silver Medals, you unlock different Crests that make Sonic stronger in a element:

Dark Type Sonic - 100 Silver Medals
Fire Type Sonic - 105 Silver Medals
Wind Type Sonic - 110 Silver Medals

Final Boss Battle
To start the final boss battle, gather at least one ring. To fill your soul gauge, shake the remote up and down.

The boss will throw sparking balls at you. Fill your soul gauge at least halfway and then use time break to dodge this attack. The boss will come up to you and try to use a slash attack to the right, left, right, left.

Once you dodge that, he will throw more sparking balls. Use time break to dodge it and he will come up to you again. This time he will an X in the middle of the screen so move into a corner to dodge it.

After you dodge that, he will form this giant energy ball and hurl it at you. Make sure your soul gauge is full. When it is coming towards you, use speed break and shake the wii remote up and down. Sonic should kick the energy ball back at the boss.

Then charge your soul gauge enough to use speed break. Once you get to the lump on his body, shake the wii remote up and down again.

Once you push him back he will make a vortex on the left side, then the middle, and then the right side with his tail. So start in the middle and then move to the left after the left vortex moves past you. Do this whole process 3 times and you should beat the final boss.

NOTE: When you get farther into the battle, the sparking balls will be thrown faster and the boss will slash at you in different ways. Be ready for any attack and give yourself options.

Fighting Erazor Djinn
When fighting the Erazor stay in the middle until he attacks, then move to a side. Repeat until he slides the sword along the floor. When he does the sword attack, try to anticipate which avenue his attack comes down on. Use the homing attack quickly (thrice) to continue to live. Eventually the boss will strike three times, then vanish and quickly appear in front of you and strike along the floor again. If you see the pattern coming, you can respond with a jump and homing attack and defeat him easily.

Unlock Party Mode Extras
Collecting Fire Souls will unlock another difficulty for the Computer players and other extras in Party Mode:

Aim! Big Crossbow - 006 Fire Souls
Cross! Balance Race - 048 Fire Souls
Extreme Difficulty - 114 Fire Souls
Final X Adventure - 126 Fire Souls
Fly! Ptero-Rider - 078 Fire Souls
Put It Out! Big Fire - 060 Fire Souls
Reel! Battle Fishing - 024 Fire Souls
Row! Canoe Race - 018 Fire Souls
Sink 'Em! Pirate Ship - 012 Fire Souls
Spin! Propeller Race - 096 Fire Souls
Thrust! Bone Knight - 036 Fire Souls
Watch Out! Trap 054 - Fire Souls
World Bazaar 069 - Fire Souls

Unlock Awards
Do the required to unlock the award in Chapter 13/14:

Bookworm - Play a total time of 24 hours
Extreme Speeder - Use Speed Break a total of 50 times
Genie Buster - Defeat a total of 1,000 Genies
Hero - Defeat Erazor Djinn
Ring Catcher - Collect a total of 10,000 Rings
Super Player - Reach level 99
The Ultimate - Collect all Gold Medals
Time Controller - Use Time Break for a total of 300 seconds
True Hero - Defeat Alf Layla wa Layla
World Traveler - Travel a total of 500 km (310.7mi)

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