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Feb. 22, 2012
Unlock 2-Player Endless Games
Clap Trap - Get 1 Duo Medal.
Kung Fu Ball - Get 4 Duo Medals.
Mochi Poundingq - Get 2 Duo Medals.
Pirate Crew - Get 6 Duo Medals.
Bossa Nova - Get 8 (all) Duo Medals.

Unlock Endless Games
Endless Remix - Get Perfects on all 50 games.
Lady Cupid - Get 32 Medals.
Mr. Upbeat - Get 3 Medals.
Munchy Monk - Get 23 Medals.
Wake-Up Caller - Get 11 Medals.

Unlock Rhythm Toys
Toy Car - Get 1 Medal.
Hi-Hat - Get 14 Medals.
Police Call - Get 7 Medals.
Rhythm Fighter - Get 21 Medals.

Police Call Codes
In Rhythm Toys, there's a toy by the name of Police Call that requires at least 7 medals the unlock. Here, it will give you chance to input a word and if you input the correct word, you'll receive an odd call, mostly comprised of sounds heard throughout the game. Below are the current words known and where to find them: STAFF - Not found in game, must use the Rhythm Heaven Fever trailers to find this one MATCH - Mr. Upbeat (after you start the fifth set, the light on Upbeat's head will grow and show a letter at a time) BOUTS - Wake-Up Caller (after you finish the first set of flowers it will show one letter at a time) BIRDS - Munchy Monk (during the game at any point it will be on boards, one letter at a time) SEESAW - Kung Fu Ball (when you have to punch the ball, a truck might pass by with it) GOLFHERO - Pirate Crew (after the third trip, it will show itself in parts on the bridge, two letters at a time).

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