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Aug. 18, 2007
Aug. 14, 2007
Unlock Character Cards
To unlock cards featuring artwork, you must complete challenges in Striker Challenges mode:

Bowser Card - Beat Challenge 09
Bowser Jr. Card - Beat Challenge 11
Daisy Card - Beat Challenge 05
Diddy Kong Card - Beat Challenge 12
Donkey Kong Card - Beat Challenge 03
Luigi Card - Beat Challenge 02
Mario Card - Beat Challenge 01
Peach Card - Beat Challenge 04
Petey Piranha Card - Beat Challenge 10
Waluigi Card - Beat Challenge 07
Wario Card - Beat Challenge 06
Yoshi Card - Beat Challenge 08

Shield with no MP consumption
1. Activate a shield (one using the Jupiter DSS card).
2. Enter a save location, and save your game, not turning off your shield.
3. Exit the save location, and your shield should still be going, with no consumption of your MP!

Unlock cheats
To unlock cheats to toggle on/off in Domination Mode, you must complete challenges in Striker Challenges mode:

Always Sidekick Skillshot - Beat Challenge 11
Always White Ball - Beat Challenge 10
Classic Mode - Beat Challenge 01
Custom Power Ups and Infinite Power Ups - Beat Challenge 12
Devastating Hits - Beat Challenge 05
Field Tilt - Beat Challenge 09
High Voltage - Beat Challenge 04
No Power Ups - Beat Challenge 06
Power Shortage - Beat Challenge 08
Safe MegaStrike - Beat Challenge 02
Secure Stadia - Beat Challenge 07
Super Captains - Beat Challenge 03

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