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Primary Collection of Cheats
Cheat Codes
City of Forever - AABBRQLU
The Undercaves 2 - DQDIACCI
The Ice Zone - DWFFZBMV
Deep Water Zone - EILQOQLC
The Library - FDGXQQLC
The Vents - FKWLACCA
Open Ocean - FNCQWBMT
Pteranodon - Pond FQREUNLI
Ridge Water - HYAUGFLV
Dark Water - JNXPUNLA
Cold Water Zone - MCLFRQLW
The Lagoon - NDRBRIKR
Trilobite Circle - OBEMUNLX
Jurassic Beach - PLABUNLT
Hard Water Zone - QGDJRQLA
Origin Beach - QXKIUNLX
The Machine - SDDBKMLG
The Island Zone - UWXIOQLK
The Undercaves - UYNAINCC
Deep Water 2 - WSGAKNLC
The Marble Sea - XAKUQQLS
Infinite Air - LIFEFISH
City of Forever 2 - ZBPIGPLD
Deep City - ZUVPQQLU

Debug Menu
The following code must be entered while the game is paused and Ecco is facing the screen. To get Ecco to face the screen, turn him left or right and pause midway through the turn: [Right], [B], [C], [B], [C], [Down], [C], [Up].

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