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Unlock Trophies
...Take on the Words! (secret) (Bronze) - Sit through the end credits.
Alas, Our Lazy Speechwriters Didn't Cover This (secret) (Bronze) - Talk to Washington, Jefferson, or Hancock while they're outside.
And Then the Universe Explodes (secret) (Bronze) - Try to mix the decaf and caffeinated coffees.
And Then the Universe Implodes (secret) (Bronze) - Try to mix the disappearing ink with Booboo-B-Gone.
Are You My Mummy? (secret) (Bronze) - Talk to Dead Cousin Ted with all three kids.
Behind Every Great Man Is a Quality Roadie (secret) (Bronze) - Red makes a super battery with only a little help from Hoagie.
Can't Win and Chew Gum at the Same Time (secret) (Bronze) - Laverne tries the chattering teeth on her human during the human show.
Chateau Eau Neaux (secret) (Bronze) - Make vinegar.
Chef (secret) (Bronze) - Cook the hamster in Maniac Mansion (Don't try this at home, kids!).
Coffee Achiever (secret) (Bronze) - Wake up Dr. Fred.
Costume Quest (secret) (Bronze) - Clothe Laverne in the costume.
Dialog Puzzles Are Hard (secret) (Bronze) - Get Fred to sign the contract.
Don't Try This at Home (secret) (Bronze) - Microwave the frozen hamster.
Dude, It's Like, Cannibalism (secret) (Bronze) - Hoagie eats a Hoagie.
Energy Conscious (secret) (Bronze) - Turn off the television.
ESRB Violation (secret) (Bronze) - Laverne thinks about eating the cat.
Flush (Silver) - Acquire a diamond.
Games History Major (secret) (Bronze) - Play Maniac Mansion.
I'm Sure He'd Never Notice (secret) (Bronze) - Try to swap the textbook with the stamp album.
It's an Honor Just to Compete (secret) (Bronze) - Enter the human contest.
It's an Honor Just to Compete But Winning Is Better (secret) (Bronze) - Win the human contest.
Master Plumber (secret) (Bronze) - Flush 50 objects through time.
Mental Patience (Bronze) - Play the whole game without skipping a cutscene.
Missing Pink (secret) (Bronze) - Try to mix the red paint and the Booboo-B-Gone.
Moronic Drone (secret) (Bronze) - Get a job.
Most Annoying Guest Ever (secret) (Bronze) - Ring the front desk bell 100 times.
Music Appreciation Award (secret) (Bronze) - Reach yesterday without turning the stereo off.
Not Raised in a Barn (secret) (Bronze) - Close a door.
Novelty Enthusiast (secret) (Bronze) - Get all six novelty items.
Now You're Pushing It (secret) (Bronze) - Try to microwave the hamster again after he's thawed out.
Number One (Silver) - Power Hoagie's Chron-o-John.
Number Two (Silver) - Power Laverne's Chron-o-John.
Obvious, Really... (secret) (Bronze) - Make it rain.
OCD (Platinum) - Get all other trophies in the game.
Of Course It Would Still Weigh the Same (secret) (Bronze) - Get a tiny sweater.
Oh Right, I'm Playing a Cartoon! (secret) (Bronze) - Make a skunk.
Olive Branch (secret) (Bronze) - Return the stamp album to Weird Ed.
Only George Can Destroy a Tree (secret) (Bronze) - Destroy a cherry tree.
Only Hoagie Can Make a Tree (secret) (Bronze) - Create a cherry tree.
Rap Sheet: Adventure Gamer (secret) (Bronze) - Pick up 45 things that don't belong to you.
Rap Sheet: Cheat (secret) (Bronze) - Disqualify Harold.
Rap Sheet: Forger (secret) (Bronze) - Try to sign the contract yourself with the quill pen.
Rap Sheet: Fraud (secret) (Bronze) - Try to alter the contract with Booboo-B-Gone.
Rap Sheet: Kleptomaniac (secret) (Bronze) - Pick up 30 things that don't belong to you.
Rap Sheet: Thief (secret) (Bronze) - Pick up 15 things that don't belong to you.
Rap Sheet: Trespasser (secret) (Bronze) - Find Fred's basement workshop.
Rap Sheet: Vandal (secret) (Bronze) - Deflate Oozo.
Rap Sheet: Yegg (secret) (Bronze) - Open the safe.
That Joke Never Gets Old (secret) (Bronze) - Squirt five different people with disappearing ink.
That Only Works with Alligators (secret) (Bronze) - Try to flush the hamster.
That Should Have Worked (secret) (Bronze) - Hoagie uses battery with Chron-o-John instead of plug.
Voiding the Warranty (secret) (Bronze) - Try to put something metal in the microwave.
We're All Brothers (secret) (Bronze) - Ask the IRS agents if they're related.
Windsock it to Me (secret) (Bronze) - Change the flag.
WWSCD? (secret) (Bronze) - Climb through the chimney with all three kids.
Yesterday's News (Gold) - Defeat Purple Tentacle yesterday.
You Call That a Hint? (secret) (Bronze) - Try to wash the dirty car with the brush.
You Suck (secret) (Bronze) - Vacuum up a hamster.

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