PlayStation Cheats - Index P
Pac-Man World
Pandemonium 2
Panzer Bandits
Panzer General
Parappa the Rapper
Parasite Eve
Parasite Eve 2
Parodius Deluxe
Parodius: Forever With You
Pastel Muses
Pax Corpus
Peak Performance
Perfect Performer: The Yellow Monkey
Perfect Weapon
Persona 2: Eternal Punishment
Persona 2: Innocent Punishment
PGA Tour Golf '96
PGA Tour Golf '97
Pink Panther: Pinkadelic Pursuit
Pipe Dreams 3D
Pitfall 3D
Pizza Hut Powered Demo Disc
Plane Crazy
Player Manager
Player Manager 2000
Play Stadium 3
PlayStation Picks Demo CD
Pocket Fighter
Pocket MuuMuu (PocketStation)
Pocket Zero (PocketStation)
Point Blank
Point Blank 2
Point Blank 3
Polaris Snocross 2000
Policenauts: Private Collection
Pool Hustler
Pool Shark
Pop'N Music
Pop'N Music 2
Pop'N Music 3 Append Disc
Pop'n Pop
Pop 'n' Twin Bee
Popolocrois 2
Popstar Maker
Populous: The Beginning
Porsche Challenge
Power Instinct 2
Power Move Pro Wrestling
Powerpuff Girls: Chemical X-Traction
Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue
Power Rangers: Time Force
Power Shovel
Power Spike Pro Beach Volleyball
Poy Poy
Poy Poy 2
Premier Manager 2000
Premier Manager '98
Premier Manager '99
Primal Rage
Prince Naseem Boxing
Princess Maker
Princess Maker 2
Prisoner of Ice
Pro 18 World Tour Golf
Pro Evolution Soccer
Pro Evolution Soccer 2
Project Gaiaray
Project Horned Owl
Project: Overkill
Pro Pinball: Big Race USA
Pro Pinball: Fantastic Journey
Pro Pinball: The Web
Psychic Detective
Psychic Force
Psychic Force 2
Puchi Carat
Punky Skunk
Puyo Puyo Sun Ketteiban
Puzzle Arena Toshinden
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