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Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 29, 2006
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Debug mode
Hold [L] + [X] + [Y] + [Z] + [B] at the options screen. Release all buttons, then hold [L] + [Y] + [B] buttons. Return to the main menu to enable drag mode (free movement) and/or display mode (view debug messages).

Free movement
Hold [L] + [X] + [Y] + [Z] + [B] at the options screen. Return to the main menu. The message "DEBUG DRAG" will appear in the lower left corner of the screen to confirm correct code entry. Begin game play, then hold [L] and press the D-Pad to move anywhere in the current level.

Easy mode
Enter the password "XXXXXXXXXXXX" as a password. Blood will be disabled and opponents will be easier to kill.

View Velociraptor gallery
Enter "XZXYXYYYZXYY" as a password.

View T. Rex gallery
Enter "YXXYXYYYAYXY" as a password.

View any dinosaur gallery
Enter "XZXYXYYYZXYY" as a password.

View human prey gallery
Enter "YZXYZAXYAAXY" as a password.

Level passwords
Enter the following passwords to begin game play at the corresponding level.

Tyrannosaurus RexAYYYXYXYYZYY

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