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Nov. 29, 2006
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Hidden items
A room in the upper right area of the map may be accessed through a secret entrance on Day 6. Defeat the floating monkey head in the top middle room to gain access to all doors in the room. Follow the secret passageway that starts on the western side of the level. Look at the map and find the rectangular-shaped room on the far left side of the map. Move towards the room and enter.

Inside this room are six long rectangular-shaped stone platforms. A secret passageway is hidden behind a wall on the western side of the room. Walk to the end of the room and jump onto the platform in the northwest corner. Face the northern wall, then push against it by walking into it. Quickly turn to the left and run into the opened passageway. Move quickly; since the wall to the passageway only opens briefly. Follow the passageway to the secret room that contains many items, including a continue icon.

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