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Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 29, 2006
Primary Collection of Cheats
Random wrestler
Press [R1] at the character selection screen.

Career mode bonuses
Select a wrestler and win the WWF title in career mode to unlock all hidden wrestlers, and unlock other bonuses, such as Ego Mode, Squeaky Mode, Big Heads, Bleep Mode, additional costumes and others. A new feature will be awarded for each PPV victory or title.
European title
Trainer selectable, New Creations Options, Squeaky Mode

Intercontinental title
Extra Attribute Points, Big Head Mode

Heavyweight title
Beep Mode, Ego Mode, Head selectable

In Your House PPV
Sable and Marc Mero selectable

King of the Ring PPV
Kurrgan and Taka Michinoku selectable

Royal Rumble PPV
Jerry Lawler and Paul Bearer selectable

Summer Slam PPV
Sgt. Slaughter and Shawn Michaels selectable

Survivor Series PPV
Jaqueline and Chyna selectable
Cheat list
Using a GameShark, the following cheat list can be found in the game.
New Custom Stuff
Sable and Marc Mero
Kurrgan and Taka Michinoku
Sgt. Slaughter and Shawn Michaels
Jacqueline and Chyna
Paul Bearer and Jerry "The King" Lawler
Trainer Cheat
Extra Attributes
Beep Mode
Big Head Cheat
Squeaky Cheat
Bigfoot Cheat
Big Hand Cheat
Ego Cheat
Little Head Cheat
Headless Cheat
Hangmen Cheat
No Block Cheat
Preview alternate costumes
To view the alternate wrestler costumes (not the shirts and items in creation mode), do a four way match with all characters being the same wrestler.

Reveal moves
To learn the finishers or any other move for a wrestler, enter creation mode and select his or her move set. Then, go to edit to learn how to do any of their moves. Also, pause game play when in the ring and go to movelist. The game will display all moves that can be done at the appropriate time, such as all the Tieup moves, etc.

Other move information
The Rock
Layin the smack down: [Left], [Right] , [Down], "Punch
"Status: Ready
Samoan drop: [Down], [Left], [Circle], "Tieup
"Status: Ready
The Rock Bottom: [Left], [Right], [Down], [Triangle]
Status: Opponent's health meter is in red
More moves
Name: (Name of the move)
Location: (Where your wrestler stands)
Opponent: (Direction your opponent is facing)
(Button combo and description)

Choke Over Ropes
Location: Outside of ropes
Opponent: Not facing you, in ring
Press [Circle] to choke him over the ropes.

Hiptoss Over Ropes
Location: Outside of rope
Opponent: Facing you, in ring
Press [Square] to hiptoss him out of the ring.

Grab Feet And Pull Out Of Ring
Location: Outside of ring
Opponent: Does not matter, in ring
Press [Triangle] to pull opponent on his back/stomach and pull him out of ring.

Suicide Dive Out Of Ring
Location: In ring close to ropes
Opponent: Does not matter, outside of ring
Press [Triangle] to jump over the rope and hit your opponent.

Vertical Suplex Into Ring
Location: In ring close to ropes
Opponent: Facing you, behind ropes
Press [Circle] to pick up your opponent and suplex him into the ring.
Use the following steps to use double team moves when you are in a one player tag team match. Note: Your opponent has to be stunned.
Double Suplex
Opponent status: Standing
Player status: Standing in front of opponent
Call in your partner and he will stand next you. Then, hold "Tieup" and you will do the Suplex.

Double Powerbomb
Opponent status: Standing
Player status: Behind Opponent (not tied up)
Call in your partner and he will stand in front of your opponent. Then, hold "Tieup" and you will do the Powerbomb.

Double Wishbone Legsplitter
Opponent status: On ground
Player status: At opponent's legs
Call in your opponent and he will stand next to you. Then, hold "Tieup" and you will do the Legsplitter.
Hold "Kick" + "Tieup" and press [Up], [Left], [Down], or [Right] during a match.

Easy move after knockdown
After you knock down your opponent, or he knocks you out, enter a move combo and hold the last button. When you or your opponent gets up, the move will be executed.

Easy victory
To easily defeat an opponent, bring them outside the ring and beat them to the ground just before the count out time.

This can be done in any mode. Get out of the ring, then when your opponent is about to jump on you, immediately get into the ring. He or she will get some damage.

Easy one-on-one victory
Stun your opponent, then throw him out of the ring (press [Left], [Left], [X] or [Right], [Right], [X]). Move very close to the ropes, then run and press [Triangle]. If done correctly, the CPU player will remain still allowing you to execute this move. It is very powerful and can be repeated many times. Note: If you press [Triangle] without running, your opponent will climb back into the ring, causing you damage.

Tag partner
To tag your partner, go over to him then press the [R1]x2 to look at your partner. Then, hold [Circle] to tag your partner.

Tag team match call-in
Hold [X] and press [R1] during a tag team match to call your partner into the ring without having to tag him.

Fake pin or submission
Press [R1] when attempting either a pin or submission to break out of that move.

New chant
Pause game play after a chant starts. The crowd will be doing a different chant after the game is resumed.

New custom clothing
Enter create a wrestler mode. Pick any skin color other than the skin number 1. Nose 15 and nose 16 should appear under noses and some extra clothing such as "wimpy" shorts should also be available. Note: The noses do not work with all skin colors, but do work with skin number 4.
Quick Career mode
When selecting a career type (tag, etc.), choose two player. Your opponent in some of the matches will be player two, and it starts out with the championship division. Make player two with no attributes to win faster.

Win the King of the Ring and you will skip two rankings. Win Royal Rumble and you will skip seven or eight rankings.

Fast matches
To get short matches, set the time to one minute. Your energy will decrease quickly. To make it go faster, get an opponent whose "Toughness" is very weak.

Career mode Woman's Title
To get the woman's title in career mode, create a female wrestler. Use her in career mode and you can win the Woman's Title.

Brock Lesnar's F-5
Create a character and put his finisher as the TKO. When you do the move, it will resemble Brock Lesnar's F-5.

Better wrestler creation
Make your wrestler look as desired, then go to the moves option. Edit the moves as needed, and try to include lots of finishers, but keep within the limit.

Give created wrestler facial hair
Go to the "Create" option on the create wrestler menu. Choose the "Body" option, then the "Color" option. Under the "Skin color" option, choose "Skin Color 1". The skin color numbers should be 6, 60, 50. Exit the "Body" option and choose the "Head" option. Go to the "Beard" option, then choose beard number 2. The colors should be 5, 23, 38. From a distance, the created wrestler will look like he has facial hair.

Trademark moves for created wrestlers
To get moves that are wrestler's trademarks, create a wrestler then choose moves. Select the wrestler with the desired trademark move. Change all the other moves, but keep the trademark.

Hearing the intros
Not all wrestlers will speak during their intros under the "Everybody" language option. Set that option to "Teen" or "Bleeped" to hear intros from HHH, Road Dogg, and Billy Gunn. This will also result in Chyna appearing to No Chance in Hell instead of the DX music.

3-on-1 or War Matches
The best strategy to use is to dive in and out of the ring. Press [R2] to run, and then press [L2] to quickly slide out.

3-on-1 slam
Start a co-op 3-on-1 match. When the your opponent is stunned, get two players in front, and one behind. Have all players press "Tieup". The two players in front will pick up the opponent for a Double Suplex, turn around (so that the opponent has his back to the third person), then the third person will Sit-Down Powerbomb.

Time out victory
While in a Triple Threat/Triangle/War mode match, select 3 or 4 players. Then, do the most damage and have the person who did all the moves in the entire matchget counted out. This works best with a 1:00 time limit. After the time is up the message "<wrestler name> wins by declaration of Vince McMahon" will appear.

Select King Of The Ring (8 player) mode, and set the time to one minute. Do not move the wrestlers at all after the match begins. At the end, the camera will choose a wrestler and the message "<wrestler name> wins by declaration of Vince McMahon" will appear.

Quick Cruicifix pin victory
Selecting a wrestler with a Crucifix pin. Get your opponent's power into the yellow, then execute the Crucifix pin to quickly win.

Tag team moves
In a 2-on-1or tag match, when your opponent is dazed, you and a partner can both press "Tieup" facing the dizzy CPU wrestler to execute a double team move:
Double Powerbomb: Front and back of CPU wrestler
Double Supplex: Both in front of CPU wrestler
Double Legsplitter: Both at legs of CPU wrestler on ground
Doomsday Device: Have one partner on turnbuckle and the other with the opponent on his/her shoulders. Then, have the partner on the turnbuckle press "Punch" to perform the move.
Two-on-one matches
When you are facing two people (usually in career mode) instead of trying to pin the opponents, keep beating them up until time runs out. If your wrestler hits them enough, you will win by most damage.

Stunning the CPU in tag team matches
Begin a tag team match with a friend against the CPU. When the first opponent comes in, slide out of the ring. Go near your tag team partner by the outer part of the ring, where he is standing. When the CPU passes your partner, he should press "Punch", "Kick", or "Tieup". If done correctly, the CPU will be stunned and fall. This can be repeated as needed.

Double Bronco Buster
Have two players use a Bronco Buster simultaneously on a third player to have that move done in tandem.

Getting your opponent booed
Start a match that is not a weapon or cage type. Run and slide down to the outside. Your opponent will follow you soon. Slide back into the ring, then slide out again when your opponent gets onto the apron. When you slide down again, your opponent will turn around and get ready to get down to the floor again. Slide back in before he or she gets down, and the crowd will begin to boo. This is useful to get the crowd to stop cheering for your opponent.

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