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Nov. 29, 2006
Primary Collection of Cheats
Rally Cross 2 demo
Pause game play, press [L1], [L2], [R1], [R2], [Up]x2, then resume game play.

Eight secret wrestlers
Meet the following conditions to make the corresponding wrestler selectable:
The Giant (Andre The Giant)
Complete all of the leagues with a Heavyweight wrestler. A new "Super Heavy" league will appear. Complete this league and defeat The Giant.

Jaguar (Tiger Mask)
Complete all of the leagues with a Lightweight/Junior weight wrestler. A new "Super Junior" league will appear. Complete this league and defeat Tiger Mask.

Jeff Jarrett
Complete the WCW league with any wrestler.

Grizz Lee (Bruiser Brody)
Complete the Independent Union Wrestling league with any wrestler.

Le Mascarade (Mil Mascaras)
Complete the Samurai Wrestling Federation with any wrestler.

Major Tom (Terry Funk)
Complete the Empire Wrestling Federation with any wrestler.

Steel Talon (Antonio Anoki)
Complete the Neo-Strong Wrestling league with any wrestler.

Shanghai (Karl Gotch)
Complete the Dead or Alive league with any wrestler.
Alternate costumes
Highlight Hulk Hogan, Sting, or Masahiro Chino at the character selection screen and press [Start] instead of [X] to play their old versions.
Hulk Hogan
[X]: Black and white nWo costume
[Start]: Old yellow costume

[X]: Black costume (white scorpion on the T-shirt)
[Start]: Old blue costume with blue face painting

[X]: Gray and black trousers
[Start]: Gray trousers with black nWo shirt
Random wrestler
Press [Circle] at the character selection screen.
Sting's moves
Press up slam
Press [Circle].
Status: Both standing, short distance.

Hold [Circle].
Status: Both standing, short distance.

Hold [Down] + [Circle].
Status: Both standing, short distance.

Inverted atomic drop
Hold [Up] + [Circle].
Status: Both standing, short distance.

Press [Circle].
Status: Both standing, long distance.

Press [Circle].
Status: Back of opponent.

Scorpion death drop (trademark)
Hold [Circle].
Status: Back of opponent.

German suplex
Hold [Down] + [Circle] or [Up] + [Circle].
Status: Back of opponent.

Flying Clothesline
Press [X].
Status: Opponent standing in corner

Press [X].
Status: Opponent down in corner

Press [Circle].
Status: Opponent in corner

Press [Circle].
Status: At head of downed opponent.

Scorpion death lock (finisher)
Press [Circle].
Status: At feet of downed opponent.

Press [X].
Status: Opponent downed.

(Spinning) Clothesline
Press [X] or [Circle].
Status: Running

Back body drop
Press [Circle].
Status: Opponent running.

Samoan drop
Hold [Circle].
Status: Opponent running.

Press [R2].
A Stingersplash can also be done by running into the corner where your stunned opponent is standing and pressing [X] or [Circle] (Clothesline).

Move the arrow to where an opponent is lying on the ground. Stand close to the ropes and press [Circle]x2.
Play as Sabu
To play as Sabu, simply choose the wrestler "David Heath".

Play the game disc in an audio CD player to hear music from the game. There are seventeen tracks in all, starting from track two.

Easy win as Sting
Enter a match as Sting. Whip your opponent into the corner, follow him and press [X] before you get to him. Do this three more times and then walk toward your opponent's feet and press [Circle]. Sting should do the Scorpion Death Lock. After that, beat on your opponent until you can do a Superplex. Then, daze your opponent, get behind him and hold [Circle]. Sting should do the Stinger Death Drop. Do this two more times, then do another Scorpion Death Lock. Sting should pull once, then once more before your opponent gives up.

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