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Check out these Twisted Metal: Small Brawl cheats and stay cool!
Special attacks
Freeze: Press [Up], [Down], [Up].
Shield: Press [Right]x2, [Down]x2.
Rear Fire: Press [Left], [Right], [Down], [L2].
Drop Mine: Press [Right], [Left], [Down].
Jump: Press [L1] + [R1].
Quick special
You need to have a special to do this trick. When you are in any level, press [Up], [Down], [Right] to unleash your special. You do not have to be selected on your special to use this. This will make it easier to shoot a special when you do not have time to switch your weapons.

In the Easy Death Oven level in tournament mode, go to the sink and drive down the plumber's butt. Go onto his leg and napalm his butt. He will blow a hole in the wall. Enter the hole to find the icon that unlocks Darkside.

Successfully complete the game as Trapper to unlock Piecemeal as a playable character.

Shock Therapy level
Get ten kills in an endurance match.

Buster's Lanes level
Get twenty kills in an endurance match.

Buster's Lanes level: Secret area
Go to the bowling machine and shoot the middle to go to a secret area.

Carn-O-Maul level: Unlimited health
Shoot the skeleton with a Fire Missile and a health icon will appear. This can be repeated as needed.

Meat Your Maker: Easy kills
Start up the grinder and freeze someone when they get close until they die.

Minigolf Mayhem: Burnt spider
Go up to the spider and use napalm. The spider will start to burn, climb its web and may drop a power-up.

Now Slaying: Escape routes
Shoot the chairs to create escape routes.

Now Slaying: Hidden health and power ups
Shoot the popcorn machine and it will fall into the stage where you can find hidden items.

Playground Peril: Roasted duck
Shoot the duck three times with a power missile to turn it into a roasted duck.

Playground Peril: Destroy the playhouses
Park on the slide then shoot three to six missiles into the roof of the playhouses. They will come crashing down.

Tree Top Rumble: Lawnmower
Shoot the lawn mower and it will hurt your opponents. If you have the skill, get behind it and shoot, then turn around and go to the switch -- the lawn mower will fall in the hole and break.

Tree Top Rumble: Kill the cat
Turn on the lawnmower and run to the hole that is activated with the switch. When it is close, hit the switch to open the hole. Listen and you will hear a cat scream.

deathmatch levels quickly
When you are about to start an endurance match, choose Mr. Slamm and the Treetop Rumble level. Freeze the enemy and throw them off the side of the treehouse facing away from the center. Repeat this as many times as needed to unlock all the hidden levels.

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