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Nov. 29, 2006
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Level select
Press [Square], [Triangle], [L1], [R2], [Circle], [Triangle], [Right]x2, [Left] at the main menu.

Extra points
Pause game play during a timed run. Hold [L1] + [L2] + [R1] + [R2] and repeatedly press [Circle] to increase your score 5,000 points at a time. This allows all courses, all sponsors, and all tricks to be unlocked easily as you successfully complete each course.

Snowman board
Select any character and enter "ZAXIS" as a name.

Rockstar board
Select any character and enter "ROCKSTAR" as a name.

Bonus moves
The following moves are awarded after the game is completed with the indicated character.
Axl: Darkslide
Kalhi: Kickflip Casper
Cyrus: Impossible
Roach: Double Kickflip
Scab: DDP
Jasmine: Airwalk
There is a fence in the Court House level. You can Ollie over the fence by using the little ramp that is nearby. If you make it, you will see an empty swimming pool that can be used for tricks. To leave, go to the other side and Ollie off the ramp.

Court House level: Roof
When starting, go down the ramp, then go straight until you get to the one sided ramp. Make sure you are going fast or this trick will not work. Hit the ramp and you should be flying up onto the outside walls. There will be blocks along the way, but you can jump them

Sick Fix
Select the subway level, and go to the train. Jump straight up immediately before it hits you.

Venice level: Get Into pool
Start by going on the platform. Get lots of speed and make a left. There will be a little jump. Ollie to a wallride on the red building, then when you are close enough, do a 50-50 and Ollie to the right, or just lean and fall to the right. If done correctly, you should ride up into a pool.

Have your player jump off his or her board by pressing [L1] + [L2] + [R1] + [R2] while going up a ramp. Once your player has jumped off his or her board, hold either [Up], [Down], [Left], or [Right] and your player will perform a flip.

Easy moves
When in a stage with a moving vehicle, ride into it and do a powerslide into it. When you get up, ride out of the street and you should notice that you are moving a little slow. When you do a jump trick, you will get a moon physics effect, and be able to do 1080s.

Slower pushoff
When you fall or bail, hold [L1] before your character stands up. He will hold the board with one hand. Press [X] to make him pushoff and he should start off slowly.

Ice cream truck music
When you first get to the LA River level, there is an ice cream truck to the left. If you hit it hard enough it will make music for a short time.

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