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Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 29, 2006
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Debug mode
Press [Start] to pause game play. Hold [L1] + [R2] and press [Up], [Triangle], [Down], [X], [Left], [Square], [Right], [Circle]. Release [L1] + [R2] and slowly press [L1], [R1], [L2], [R2]. Wait a moment, then press [Start] followed by [L2] + [R2]. A debug menu that allows invincibility, bonus weapons, enemy summoning, enemy AI toggles, FMV sequence skip, and other effects will appear.
Frame by frame
Enable any debug option, pause game play, and tap [Select] to move through the game frame by frame.

Two player mode
To set the game in two player mode, use the "Enemy" option to select any opponent. Select the "Pad-2" option to enable a second player. Keep moving away from the newly created player until a question mark appears near the health bar. Run back towards the newly created player. Both controllers may now be used to play the game in two player mode. Note: If either player leaves the screen, the second player will be canceled.
Never die
Enable debug mode, select the leaf, then select "Full". Kill yourself and you will not die.
Note: A controller with an auto-fire feature is requires for this trick. Enable the "Debug mode" code at the beginning of the game. Press "Item Charge", press [Right], and select "Hensin". Set [Triangle] to auto-fire, press the Hensin item, then go in the river. Go to the entrance to the river and wait for the item to wear out, then press [Circle].
Restore health
Press [Start] to pause game play, then press [Left]x2, [Down]x2, [Square]x2, [Triangle], [Square]. The sound of a shout will confirm correct code entry. For the Japanese version, press [Start] to pause game play and press [Up]x2, [Down]x2, [Left], [Right], [Left], [Right], [Square], [Triangle]. For the European/Australian PAL version press [Start] to pause game play, then press [Square]x2, [Triangle]x2, [Right]x2, [Up], [Left].

Increased item inventory
Hold [L2] and press [Left]x2, [Down]x2, [Square]x2, [Triangle], [X] at the item selection screen. The sound of a shout will confirm correct code entry. One more of each item will be available every time this code is enabled. For the Japanese version, hold [L2] and press [Up]x2, [Down]x2, [Left], [Right], [Left], [Right], [Square], [Triangle] at the item selection screen. For the European/Australian PAL version, hold [L2] and press [Square]x2, [Triangle]x2, [Right]x2, [Up], [Right] at the item selection screen.

More types of items
Hold [R1] and press [Left]x2, [Down]x2, [Square]x2, [Triangle], [Circle] at the item selection screen. The sound of a shout will confirm correct code entry. For the Japanese version, hold [R1] and press [Up]x2, [Down]x2, [Left], [Right], [Left], [Right], [Square], [Triangle] at the item selection screen. For the European/Australian PAL version, hold [R1] and press [Square]x2, [Triangle]x2, [Right]x2, [Up], [Left] at the item selection screen.

Full map
Hold [Select] during game play to display the map, then press [Circle]x5. Note: In the PAL version, press [Select] during game play to display the map, then hold [Select] +[R1] and press [Circle]x5

Layout select
Select a character, then hold [R1] and press [Left]x2, [Down]x2, [Square]x2, [Triangle], [X] at the next screen (mission select). The sound of a shout will confirm correct code entry. For the Japanese version, hold [R1] and press [Square]x2, [Triangle]x2, [Right]x2, [Up], [Right] at that screen. For the European/Australian PAL version, hold [L2] and press [Square]x2, [Triangle]x2, [Right]x2, [Up], [Left] at that screen.

Enable Japanese voices
Select a character, then hold [L1] and press [Left]x2, [Down]x2, [Square]x2, [Triangle], [Circle] at the next screen (mission select). The sound of a shout will confirm correct code entry. Note: Japanese voice effects will start after the first level; the narrative will remain in English. For the European/Australian PAL version, hold [L1] and press [Square]x2, [Triangle]x2, [Right]x2, [Up], [Down] at that screen.

Alternate costumes
Select either Rickimaru or Ayame, then successfully complete any level without being spotted or killing innocent people. Levels 1, 2, or 5 may be good choices to accomplish this. If done correctly a "Grandmaster" screen will appear after the level is completed. To use the alternate costumes, start the next level. When the item screen appears, look to the far right. If the object that appeared on the "Grandmaster" screen is available, select it to give Rikimaru or Ayame a new set of clothes.

Two player mode
Enable the "Debug mode" code. Choose to the "Add enemy" option. Set the enemy you selected to controller two, then kill him. Walk a short distance away. Go to debug mode, choose "Player" then "Restart event". Walk a little farther, then turn back. You now have two players in the game.
Defeating Onikage
Select two to four grenades and two smoke bombs at the item screen. When fighting Onikage in level 6, throw one grenade and repeat until all of them are used. Throw one of the smoke bombs, do a three hit combo, throw the last smoke bomb, then do another three hit combo.

Use the following steps to easily defeat Onikage on level 10. When you encounter him midway through level 10, turn and run back the way you came from. Make sure he follows you through the large open courtyard and back to the stream. Stand right on the edge of the water and wait for Onikage to attack. He will leap at you and you must avoid him -- Press [Down] to block, so that he falls into the water. He is now defeated and you can save your strength for the final fight with Lord Meyo.

Defeating Tazu
To defeat Tazu on level 4 (Cross The Checkpoint), get two to five grenades and five smoke bombs. Throw a grenade. then wait until she gets up. Then, throw another one. Repeat this process until you have used all your grenades. If she is not dead, throw about three smoke bombs and cut her up.

Roll on floor
Press [Circle], [Forward]x2 to roll on the floor.

Arm and head breaking move
Attacking your opponent by the side while holding [Square].

Front back flip
Press "Down/Forward", then jump. This is a good move for tricking Bosses and enemies.

Hold [Circle] + [Square].

Silent quick dash
Press [Forward]x2 to dash quickly and quietly towards an enemy. Note: You may also attack during the dash.

Step on a house, statue, or other object, then jump forward. Press [X], [Up]x2 and once you are in the air the more you press them, the longer you will jump. Note: This trick is extremely difficult to do.

Evil Merchant)
Immediately when you start, use the rope to grapple to the roof directly in front of you. Then, run all the way, not exactly to the main gate, but near it so that there is a house to your left. Jump (or grapple) the house, then run along it to the next house. There should be a hole in the wall. Go in it. If there is a person there, he should be sleeping. Kill him, and if there is a cat, ignore it. Note: This was only done this when there was no one in this room. Jump down the hole in the floor. This should take you in to the room where Echigoya is located. Kill his bodyguard quickly, and keep him away from the door leading out. Make sure no one outside hears you. This is possible to do. The innocent in the room does not count as being "spotted." When he is dead, use the rope to get back up the hole that you used to come down. Go back outside and run along the rooftops until you reach the "town area". If you have done this level before, you should know what house he is in. Go on top of the house directly across the door leading into Echigoya's hiding place. This next part is difficult, but possible. There should be a person standing in the intersection to the right of you and a dog walking around to your left. When both of them are not looking, do a front flip towards the door. If you do not land in it, run into it as soon as possible. Kill Echigoya as fast as you can. A few triple-hit combos should do it. Once you hit him last, you have completed the level. If done correctly, you should have 410 points (400 for never being spotted and 5 each for killing Echigoya's bodyguard and Echigoya himself).

Grandmaster on level 2 (Deliver the Grandmaster on level 3
Start out in the forest, then turn left until you reach a forest wall. Find the cave and kill the man inside. Killing silently is preferred, as you need to get 400 points and above to get the scroll. There should be a health potion located here. Continue and kill all the men you meet on the way. If you encounter wolves, wait for them to run toward you. When they reach the range of your sword, slice them. After passing all the caves you should reach the last cave. Be careful here, as most of the enemies are tricky. Using caution, kill all the men, silently if possible, and watch out for the pitfalls. You will reach a bridge that is made of rock. Take care, as the bridge is the most dangerous location. When you reach the middle of the bridge, you should see two doors. Jump to the one on the right. Be very careful -- if you miss you are history. The best way to jump over is to double flip. You will now be in the Boss area. There are three men in this area. One is in the lane you are going to walk to. One of the other two is guarding a health potion. Kill him and get the potion. Find a lane that has two candles together. Go up a short distance and attract the bear. Kill the bear by chopping him three times and back flip when he is trying to attack. After the bear is dead, approach and kill the main Boss. Watch his attacks. Evade the first attack -- it is deadly. If you get hit, go down, use the health potion, then repeat the same technique of killing the bear. If you are lucky, you should get the scroll. It will increase your power and strength.

Grandmaster on level 9 (Reclaim the Castle)
At the start of the level, turn to the right and rope up to the top of the wall. Turn left and run the length of the wall, heading towards the castle. Watch out for the guard on the bridge to your left. Kill him/her (depending on the layout) if you like, but be absolutely certain that you are not seen. From the wall, rope up to the outside of the tower. There should be three levels. The first two will be no problem to scale with the rope. To get to the top level, you will need to back up as far as possible on the level below it, and then rope straight up. You may need to turn yourself a bit to make the rope stick, but with a little practice this should be no problem. Once on the top level, you can fight Onikage. You will end up with 405 points (400 for not being seen + 5 for defeating Onikage), which is enough for Grandmaster. Your prize is the dog bone,which summons an attack dog.

Grandmaster bonuses
Complete the following missions with a "Grandmaster" rank to get the corresponding item.
Training mission: Super Shuriken
Mission 1: Lightfoot Scroll
Mission 2: Fire-Eater Scroll
Mission 3: Protection Amulet
Mission 4: Sleeping Gas
Mission 5: Ninja Armor
Mission 6: Shadow Decoy
Mission 7: Resurrection Leaf
Mission 8 -Chameleion Spell
Mission 9: Dog Bone
Mission 10: Decoy Whistle
Quicker way to the summit on level Using the chameleon spells
Pick the chameleon spell at the inventory screen. Since the game will only increase these extra items when they are below three, select the spell at least three times. An effective way to reach grandmaster ranking is to have 99 chameleon spells and to use them every time someone is killed to avoid being detected.

Debug mode weapons
The following is a list of the weapons that can be obtained in debug mode. Note: The American version retains Japanese names for the weapons.

Japanese nameEnglish translation
ShurikenStandard Shuriken
SmokeStandard Smoke Bomb
MakibisiStandard Caltrops
FireStandard Grenade
JiraiStandard Mine
KusuriStandard Health Potion
KaginawaStandard Ninja Rope
GunGun (quite deadly)
YumiArrows (also quite deadly)
KaenFire (useless ?)
DokudangoStandard Poison Rice
RikimarukochanShadow Decoy
GosikimaiStandard Colored Rice
HappouSuper Shuriken
NinkenAttack Dog
NemurigusuriSleeping Potion
KaengekiFire Breathing Scroll
KawarimiResurrection Leaf
GoshinfudaProtection Amulet
ManebueAnimal Call
HensinChameleon Scroll
ShinsokuLightfoot Scroll
Lightning BoltLightning Bolt (what Lord Mei-oh uses on level 10)
The WorldTeleportation

Glitch: Frozen enemies
Enable the "Debug mode" code and go to "File". Then, go to "Load Layout" and "Card". A message stating that an error occurred will appear. Ignore it and keep playing. All of your enemies will be frozen and will not attack or move. However, you will not be able to finish the level or fight main enemies (the people that you fight at the end or start of each level).

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