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Nov. 29, 2006
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Debug mode
Highlight "Options" at the main menu, but do not select it. Press [Triangle], [Circle], [Left], [L1], [R2], [Square], [Circle], [Left]. A beep will confirm correct code entry. Hold [L1] + [Select] and press [Triangle]. A droid test debug menu with level select, FMV sequence, sound test, and invincibility options will appear. To start on a new selected level, exit the cheat menu and start a new game. The game will begin on the level selected. To watch the FMV sequences or hear the game sounds, highlight the desired clip and press [X]. Hold [L1] + [Select] + [Triangle] to return to the menu at any time.

Debug mode (Japanese version)
Hold [L1] + [Select] and press [Triangle] at the title screen. A cheat menu with level select, FMV sequence, sound test, and invincibility options will appear. Press [Triangle] after selecting a new level to exit the cheat menu and begin game play.

Trade options
Note: Some of the options will not be available, depending on what you currently have in your inventory.

CharacterLocationObject OfferedObject Received
WattoWatto's ShopFusion Coil (after credit offer)Hydrospanner
WattoWatto's ShopFusion Coil (no credit offer)Fuel Converter
WattoWatto's ShopFusion Coil (no credit, no mind trick)2 Fuel Converters
TeemtoCantinaEngine Binder and Repulse BoosterServo Control
TeemtoCantinaJedi Mind TrickFuel Converter
BarboBarbo's ShopFuel Converter and Repulse BoosterServo Control
BarboBarbo's ShopJedi Mind Trick (fake)None
MawhonicMawhonic's PodracerHydrospannerFuel Converter
MawhonicMawhonic's PodracerEngine Binder and HydrospannerMass Coupler
MawhonicMawhonic's PodracerImportantImportant
MerchantMerchant's Shop2 Fuel ConvertersMass Coupler
MerchantMerchant's ShopEngine Binder and Fusion CoilMass Coupler

Hovering man
There is a man that asks for water on the "Escape From Theed" level . Either before or after you give him the flask of water, stand directly in front of him and use the Force. The man should go up in the air. Keep using the Force to make him go higher. If he gets too high, just jump and use the Force again. After using this trick, he will be hovering high above your character.
Use the following trick to get a box of Chokie and a single Chokie. Go to the person who sells Chokie and ask for just one Chokie. Kill him, and a box of chokie will be on the ground where he was standing, or beside him. You will now have both the single Chokie and the box of Chokie.

Mass Coupler
In the Mos Espa level when you talk to the man that says "Stand back I am about to slash... all my prices", he will let you go out back to where he keeps his Podracer. Kill him after going back there, then return to the street. A Mass Coupler will appear in the place where he was previously standing, even if you did not talk to Anakin yet.

You do not have to follow that man to his Podracer to kill him. If you just kill him on the street, you will find the Mass Coupler on the ground. Note: You can not complete this level if you kill him. Everyone will call you a murderer and Anakin will not talk to you.

Use the following trick to get a Mass Coupler for free, without trading. On the Mos Espa level go to the man whose Podracer is in front with an R2 unit working on it. It is a green Podracer. Do not talk to him; just Force Push him and he should die. Pick up the Mass Coupler by him and walk out. The Gammorean Guards will not be after you, and you can still complete the level.

Proton Missile Launcher
In the first level, find the section with all the boxes that are stacked. There is a small health pack in a hole where a box is missing. Pull out the box that is sticking out to get a thermal detonator and a health pack. Then, pull the box in the back right corner to find a Proton Missile Launcher.

In the Gardens of Theed level, there is a ledge filled with flowers immediately before you do the water raising and lowering part. Jump on it, then jump into the bushes to find a Proton Missile Launcher.

Flash grenades
On the Mos Espa level, after the video sequence, go around the Royal Starship to find some flash grenades.

In the Mos Espa Arena level, go to the last set of stairs immediately before the champion. Go down the stairs and you should be on a red walkway. Turn to the left and walk to the wall. Jump, a small door will open, and five flash grenades will appear. The flash grenades will help you defeat the champion.

Light repeating blaster
On the Coruscant level, after the video sequence, go back to the Royal Starship and to get a heavy blaster. If you walk around, you will also find a light repeating blaster.

Heavy repeating cannon
On the Mos Espa level, follow the Jawas with the camels to find a heavy repeating cannon. For more fun, save the game, then use the cannon in a shooting gallery with Jawas. To complete the level, load the saved game, do not shoot the Jawas, and continue.

Red pass key
You can get the red pass key by killing the injured man near the R2 droid. There are no bad consequences for doing this.

Health pack locations
Locate the building in the Mos Espa level with the fat man taking a bath. A small health pack can be found in the corner.

Talk to the man that does not know the passcode for the door in the "Gardens of Theed" level. He will lead you to a set of stairs. Do not go up the stairs. Instead, enter the gazebo to find a small health pack.

In beginning of The Final Battle level, the fifth statue on the left side contains a full health-pack.

Start the the Mos Espa Arena Level. Go to Jabba and face his monster. After the monster is defeated, run to the secret door that opens and go to Jabba's Chamber. Talk to the robot that is next to Jabba. He will be talking about you killing the monster. While you talk to him, a health pack should appear from Jabba and drop to where you battled the beast. Drop to the area where the pack is located. Note: Enable the "Debug mode" code first.

In the last level when you are Obi-Wan the second time, get past the room with the blue electronic force field. When the wave of battle droids attack you in the doorway, there is a hidden panel that has a full health power-up inside. It is on the left, behind the switch that opens the door.

Continuing in the Gardens Of Theed Gardens Of Theed
Swim up the river and when you get to where there are platforms, jump on the one that goes up. When you get to the end use the Force.

Platform in Mos Espa Arena level
In the Mos Espa Arena level, after defeating Jabba's champion and exiting the bar past the street traders, you will find two ropes at different heights. It is extremely difficult to jump onto the second rope. However, there is another route up onto the platform. Exit the corridor you are on via the main gates on the left, prior to those ropes. Retrace your steps up the staircase towards Jabba. As you exit the first room (with the gun), immediately turn right and jump the wall.

Trading for a blaster
If you have any fuel converters left in the Mos Espa Arena level, you can trade them to a guard for a blaster.

In the Mos Espa level, get the Dragon's tooth from Mat Rags. You can trade it to the first woman you saw when you entered the city for a blaster.

Fuel converter from Teemto
In the Mos Espa level, go to the bar. Kill Teemto to get a Fuel Converter. Note: This level cannot be completed if you kill him. Everyone will call you a murderer and Anakin will not talk to you.

Examine weapons
Enable the "Debug mode" code. Select any weapon besides the light saber before choosing a level. Pause the game when the opening sequence (where the characters talk) for that level plays. Select any weapon besides the light saber and the character you are playing will stop and examine the weapon.

Dweezels and Pallies, dried Chokie, Make Qui-Gon Block Force Push
At the beginning of "Assault on Theed" (level 10), while everyone is standing around waiting for Obi-Wan to lead them into battle, Force Push Qui-Gon to see his saber block/deflection move. This does no damage to Qui-Gon and does not affect the mission.

Get away with murder
Activate the "Debug menu" code and begin game play on the "Mos Espa" level. After acquiring the Mass Coupler from the "slashing prices" merchant and following Anakin through the junkyard to Watto's shop, go to where Barbo (The three-eyed alien dressed in black) and the guard are talking. Turn right and go up the steps into the small apartment. Then, go out of the other side and follow the ledge around to the point where you are above Barbo, but do not go off of the ledge or you will have to do it again. You will see a thin wire which you will cross to get into Sebulba's "private" apartment. Go up the stairs that are directly in front of you and destroy the floor cannon. Get the blaster on the right and kill the two girls in the room. Then, go out back and follow the ledge until you see a bounty hunter down on the ground. Shoot and kill him with two shots from the blaster. Go back out to the front of Sebulba's "private" apartment. Then, see if Barbo is talking to the guard and save the game. If he is there, and you must stay part way in the room this trick will not work, jump then shoot. If it hits him, he will say "Help". Repeat this three times. The guard that Barbo was talking to should not say "Rrr. You're a no good killer". If he does, reload the game.

Glitch: Fun with Borbbo
Go to Borbbo's shop and wait for him to go back inside. Stay outside his shop and wait for him to come out. Then, before he turns the corner, run into him. He will slide around in circles and say "If you want to do business go to Borbbo's store".

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