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Primary Collection of Cheats
Full power meter
Enter "J0SHS" as a password. Note: "0" is the number zero.

View all FMV sequences
Enter "12345" as a password. All FMV sequences can be viewed under the cheat option.

Boss rounds in challenge mode
Enter "J0M3L" as a password. Note: "0" is the number zero.
Defeating The MutantBuster
After busting the Scumlabs level, you will encounter the final threat. First, hang on the side of a building and side punch it three times. Do it again, but avoid the new weapon. It will now be serious. Avoid the green mines from above. When it is not there, hang on a building, hit, then run. After the third hit, it has been rampaged.

Robot Spider round
In the Neo Techno Era, the mini-game will be a Boss round. To win, punch the toxic barrels to the side and hit the reactor with them. Avoid the spiders. To do so, just go back and forth on sides. The reactor will eventually be destroyed and you will win the fight.

Mega foods
George: Bananas
Lizzy: Eggs
Ralph: Steak
Curtis: Cheese
Boris: Salad
Ruby: Fish
Myukus: Turkey
Harley: Chicken leg
Mega powers
George: Ape Stomp
Lizzy: Three Part Fire Breath
Ralph: Wolf Howl
Curtis: Rat Bottom Feeder
Boris: Rhino Charge
Ruby: Lobster Can Opener
Myukus: Explosive
Harley: Boar Butt Blast

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