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Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 29, 2006
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Recon mode
Enter "EAGLEEYE" as a password. You may fly over the mission 1 map freely without any enemy fire.

Easy mission 1
Enter "AVENGER" as a password. No enemies will be present during mission 1.

Five continues
Enter "WARRIOR" as a password.

Unlimited lives
Enter "LAZARUS" as a password.

Fly farther
Enter "MPG" as a password to fly a greater distance without refueling.

Unlimited ammunition, armor, fuel
Enter "PACKISBACK" as a password. Ammunition, armor, and fuel will be restored to full when they reach zero.

Move faster
Enter "WARPDRIVE" as a password.
Finding codes
At the main menu, press [Start] to begin the current mission. Watch the opening sequence. Sometime during the FMV sequence, you will see the word "Codename" in capital letters, followed by a word, then another word. This process will repeat once or twice. This is the code. The first word after "Codename" is a hint about the effect of the code. The second word is the password. For example, in Mission 1 (Delta) you will see "Codename", "Recon", "Eagleeye" in capital letters. This flashes by very fast. Note: You can re-access this video from the pause menu by selecting "Intel", then pressing [Square], then pressing [Square] again.

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