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Nov. 29, 2006
Primary Collection of Cheats
Extra teams
Press [Circle] at the team selection screen to access various Superbowl and All-Star teams.

Cheat mode
Enter the Easter Egg menu and enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding feature:

Large footballBIG_BALLS
Louder noisesBIG_HITS
No penaltiesBLINDERS
All players' last names are BOBOBOBO
Big players BUNYON
Speed juicedCOFFEE_BREAK
CPU hides pass coverageCON_MAN
CPU players are fasterCPU_SCORES
CPU offensive line has super strength and speedCPU_STUFFS
View creditsCREDITS
Running back is juicedDAVIS
Zero stamina and more fatigue injuriesEGG_HEAD
All players have European last namesEURO_LEAGUE
All players are equalEVEN_TEAMS
Tiny playersFLEA_CIRCUS
Bonus difficulty levelGD_CHALLENGE
Red redzones, checkered touchdown area, invisible field goalsGRUDGE_MATCH
More hamstring injuriesHAMSTRUNG
Punts hang in the air longerHANGTIME
All players have last name from creditsSPORTS
Ball carrier has speed burstsROCKET_MAN
CPU knows your playMIND_READER
CPU makes big playsPRIME_TIME
CPU player celebrates in the open fieldHOT_SHOT
Great hands for receiversSTICKEM
Invisible playersINVISIBLE
Juiced enduranceSTAMINA
Longer field goalsSTEEL_LEG
Players have red string attached to headPUPPETS
Players named after basketball playersHOOPS
Players named after PresidentsPRESIDENTS
Players named after programmersRED_ZONE
Quick fatigueWEAK
Scrambled frame rateITS_IN_THE_FPS
See cheerleaders after a gameSLIDESHOW
Small, fast playersPOP_WARNER
Super stiff armPOLE_AXE
Swim move juicedSWIMMERS
Televisions in players' stomachsTELE_TUMMY
Onside kicks
Press [X] when the bar is at its lowest to do a short kick that will bounce back while the returning team is not ready.

Easy touchdown
When on offense go to special teams and select the punt option. When on the field, press [Square] for audible, then press [Triangle]. Wait for a couple of seconds. When you throw, the receivers should be wide open.

Touchdown dances
Press [Triangle] after the play ends to make the quarterback or receiver that made the play do a touchdown dance.

Get a touchdown with the Green Bay Packers, then press [Triangle] to celebrate. The player will jump on the side of the spectator wall and celebrate with the crowd.

Glitch: Goal post dragging
Run into the field goal post. You will fall and start dragging yourself on the ground with your arms. Note: This may not work all of the time.

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