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Random stadium
Press [L1] + [R1] at the stadium selection screen for an exhibition mode game.

Forced CPU fumble
Press [Start] when the ball is in the air immediately after the center snaps the ball during a field goal or extra point attempt. Select the "Resume Game" option to return to game play.

Touchdown celebrations
Hold [L1] + [L2] and press [X], [Circle], [Square], [R1], or [Triangle] after scoring. Note: Using any of these options will result in an unsportsman-like conduct call.

Coverage audibles
Select a defense, then enter one of the following controller actions to call the corresponding coverage audible.

Cancel coverage audible[Triangle], [Triangle]
Farther back[Triangle], [Circle]
Regular depth[Triangle], [X]
Up and tight[Triangle], [Square]
Unknown codes
Some of the following codes are valid, but currently have no description and have not been classified. This information has been provided for your experimentation; Electronic Arts can not support incorrect or undocumented features in their products
Easy punt block
When the CPU is setting up before the 4th down, open the PlayStation lid and remove the game disc. The play will still continue, but the punter will not punt the ball, giving you an easy punt block.

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