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Nov. 29, 2006
Primary Collection of Cheats
Play as team mascot
Enter one of the following initials and PIN numbers to unlock the corresponding team mascot.

Utah JazzBEAR1228
Chicago BullsBENNY0503
Indiana PacersBOOMER0604
Minnesota TimberwolvesCRUNCH0503
Phoenix SunsGORILA0314
Atlanta HawksHAWK0322
Charlotte HornetsHORNET1105
Toronto RaptorsRAPTOR1020
Denver NuggetsROCKY0201
Seattle SonicsSASQUA7785
New Jersey NetsSLY6765
Houston RocketsTURBO1111

Create-a-player characters
Enter one of the following initials and PIN numbers to unlock the corresponding hidden player.

Large AlienBIGGY0958
White HorseHORSE1966
Kerri the Female PlayerKERRI0220
Kerri in Alternate UniformKERRI1111
Lia the Female PlayerLIA0712
Lia in Alternate UniformLIA1111
Nikko the Devil DogNIKKO6666
Old ManOLDMAN2001
Pinto HorsePINTO1966
Retro RobRETRO1970
Small AlienSMALLS0856

Midway staff
Enter one of the following initials and PIN numbers to unlock the corresponding Midway staff member.

Staff memberPositionInitialsPIN
Beth SmukowskiMidway Creative MediaBETHAN1111
Chris SkrundzMidway Creative MediaCMSVID0000
Dan ThompsonMidway ProgrammerDANIEL0604
Dave GrossmanMidway Creative MediaDAVE1104
Jim TianisMidway Creative MediaDIMI0619
Eugene GeerMidway ArtistE GEER1105
Andy EloffMidway System HardwareELOFF2181
Rob GatsonMidway ProgrammerGATSON1111
Jim GentileMidway ArtistGENTIL1228
Brian LeBaronMidway Game TesterGRINCH0222
Mark GuidarelliMidway ProgrammerGUIDO6765
Jeff JohsonMidway ProgrammerJAPPLE6660
Jason SkilesMidway ProgrammerJASON3141
Jennifer HedrickMidway ArtistJENIFR3333
Jennifer HedrickAlternate UniformJENIFR1111
Jon HeyMidway Sound and MusicJONHEY8823
Alex GilliamMidway Game TesterLEX0014
Mike LynchMidway System HardwareLYNCH3333
Matt GilmoreMidway ArtistMATT G1006
Paulo GarciaMidway Game TesterPAULO0517
John RootMidway ArtistROOT6000
Sal DiVitaMidway Lead ArtistSAL0201
Paul MartinMidway PC SupportSTENTR0269
Larry WotmanMidway Creative MediaSTRAT2112
Tim MoranMidway Creative MediaTIMCRP6666
Tim BryantMidway ArtistTIMMYB3314
Mark TurmellMidway Lead ProgrammerTURMEL0322

Miscellaneous players
Enter one of the following initials and PIN numbers to unlock the corresponding player.

Shawn LiptakProgramming ConsultantLIPTAK0114
Isiah ThomasNBC Sports AnnouncerTHOMAS1111
Tim KitzrowMidway Sports AnnouncerTIMK7785
Willy MorrisMotion Capture ActorWIL0101
Greg CutlerMotion Capture ActorCUTLER1111
Chad EdmundsMotion Capture ActorCHAD0628

Cheat mode (match-up screen)
Press "Turbo", [Shoot], and "Pass" at the "Tonight's Match-Up" screen to enable the corresponding code:. The numbers in the following list indicate the number of times each button is pressed. After pressing the buttons, press the D-Pad in the indicated direction to enable the code. Example, to enter 1-2-3 Left, press "Turbo", [Shoot]x2, "Pass"(3), [Left].

Show shot %0-0-1 Down
Show Hotspot1-0-0 Down
Tournament mode (no power-ups)1-1-1 Down
Snow on<SUP>2</SUP>1-2-1 Left
Thick fog on<SUP>2</SUP>1-2-3 Down
Night fog on<SUP>2</SUP>1-2-3 Left
Swamp fog on<SUP>2</SUP>1-2-3 Right
Fog on<SUP>2</SUP>1-2-3 Up
Blizzard on<SUP>2</SUP>1-3-1 Left
Rain on<SUP>2</SUP>1-4-1 Left
Big head mode2-0-0 Right
No Hotspots<SUP>1</SUP>2-0-1 Up
No fouls in versus mode2-2-2 Left
No fouls2-2-2 Right
ABA ball2-3-2-Right
No replays3-3-1 Left
Team uniform<SUP>1</SUP>4-0-0 Right
Midway uniform4-0-1 Right
Home uniform4-1-0 Right
Unlimited turbo4-1-1 Up
Away uniform4-2-0 Right
Alternate uniform4-3-0 Right
No tip off4-4-4 Up
No goal tending5-5-5 Left

1. Both teams must agree.
2. Only on outdoor courts

Bonus courts
Hold one of the following buttons combinations immediately after selecting players at the "Choose Team" screen.

Team 1 (Left)Hold [Up] + Turbo
Team 2 (Right)Hold [Down] + Turbo
Street CourtHold [Left] + Turbo
Island CourtHold [Right] + Turbo
Midway CourtHold [Up] + [Shoot] + Pass
NBC CourtHold [Down] + [Shoot] + Pass

Place any player on a team
Enter the initials and PIN entry screen. Enter the first three letters of the team the player is normally on as initials, then enter his jersey number as a PIN. For example, to get Scottie Pippen, enter "HOU" as initials and "33" as a PIN.

Any secret player body in creation mode
The following trick allows the body of any secret player to be used in create a player mode, even that player has not been earned yet. Enter create a player and enter any secret player's name and PIN. The message "Reserved Record Found Please Change Name/PIN" will appear. Enter the secret player's name again but change the PIN. If done correctly, instead of showing Scottie Pippen as the body of your created player, it will show the body of the secret player that you entered. Note: This code is not required for mascots. Also, the player's body will not be identical to the body of the player that you entered in size and shape.

Any player's head in creation mode
Use the following steps to have any head in create a player mode. When you enter create a player and it asks for a name and PIN, enter the first initials of the team for the player you want, then enter his jersey number as the PIN. For example, if you want Allen Iverson's head, enter "PHI" as the name then "3" as the pin. If you done correctly, the message "Reserve Name Found, Enter New Name/PIN" will appear. Then, enter the name and PIN of your choice. You will have the head of any player in the game. This can be done with every player in the game, including the Midway All Stars.

Alternate costumes
Press [Up] or [Down] when creating a custom player for alternate costumes.
Cruel push
If you are playing the CPU or a human player, you can push them down when they do a super dunk. For example, when your opponent jumps very high to do a dunk, wait for him to come down about near the rim, then push them. If done correctly, you will push him down and he will cough up the ball. The CPU will play harder after this is done. If your opponent tries this on you, just do lay-ups instead of super dunks. When you create a player set your dunk attributes to at least 5 so you will do basic dunks and not risk getting pushed. For greater effect, enable the "No fouls" code.

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