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Nov. 29, 2006
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Cheat menu
Press [L1], [X]x2, [L1], [X], [Square], [R1], [X], [Square], [R1], [Circle] at the game setup menu. Ignore the credits screen that may appear at this point. Hold "Up/Right" + [Triangle] + [Square] for approximately five seconds. Setup a game and press [Start]. Hold [L1] + [R1] + "Up/Right" + [Triangle] + [X] + [Square] + [Circle] at the "I Love This Game" screen until the game has loaded. A cheat menu will appear. Hold [Triangle] + [X] on controller one to return to the game after making any modifications. Note: To change all the players on the cheat list, a full PlayStation multitap must be used.

Change player height
Use the cheat menu code and press [L1] and [L2] to adjust the player height in inches. The minimum height is 1'6". The maximum height is 12'0". Any height greater than 7'10" cannot slam the ball.

Outdoor court
Use the cheat menu code and press [Start] and [Select] on controller one to toggle outdoor courts.

Anonymous Michael Jordan
Adjust the Bull's roster to allow Player #99 is in the starting line-up. This player has Michael Jordan's statistics.
Better three point percentage
Press [L2] when you shoot a three to make the basket about 90% of the time.

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