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Warehouse Rock level
Play the TJ's Backyard level and get the key located near the old van to unlock the Warehouse Rock bonus level.

Underground level
Get the first key at T.J.'s Backyard, unlock the bonus level, then go to the blue half pipe There is a second key above the pipe for another bonus level.

Mission Hong Chong level
Successfully complete the other levels to unlock the Mission Hong Chong level.
Colorful level
Go to practice session select a rider. Press [Up] or [Down] to choose a favorite tag color, then press [X] to get to the level selection screen. Choose any level, then to make your level colorful, do tricks and grinds off of ramps, half-pipes, quarter-pipes, rails, ledges, etc.

Electric surges
You can make electric surges go through your body by doing extreme tricks. Note: Do not keep doing the same tricks repeatedly, because it will take a very long time to get the power. Once you have the power, you can get extreme air, do crazy tricks, and amazing spins.

Easy points
Use the following trick to get 20,000 points on the medium street course. Turn right when you start, then cling to the wall. After the first barrier, Bunny Hop into a Double-Peg Grind onto the ledge, break through the glass, and hit the half pipe. Note: This may take a few attempts.

New areas and ramps
In all three main levels, you will find several red "switches" mounted on the wall in various locations. By wallriding over them ([L2] or [R2]), you can activate/deactivate them, opening new areas and ramps.

Secret areas
In all three main levels, you will find areas of the wall that look "boarded-up" with a plywood sheet. Either run into it or wallride it, and it will drop down, opening other secret areas.

Level 1 (medium): MTV logo
Go straight from the start, jig a little to the left so you can hit the quarter pipe in front of the truck to launch onto the roof. Turn right, jump into the crate area, grinding the right ledge, if possible - -so that you can easily hop over to the right. Once you get to the top area with a big drop off in the middle into a ramp, stay on top. Go around the side to the back, where you will find a curved rail. Grind up it, and you will end up on top of the Chicken Hut's canopy. Jump or stall/jump up into the bowl on top of the Chicken Hut, and you should see the MTV logo, directly over the area where you started.

Level 1 (hard): MTV logo
From the start, head straight up and knock the driver's side of the dump truck so that the bed dumps. Use this as a ramp up to the left, and work your way up two levels. You will see a small bowl with a wall behind it. The "M" from "BMX" should be on top. Get up there, then over the other side into the skylight area. Look out over the open side of this roof to see the MTV logo in the distance. On the left wall as you are riding into the skylight roof area, grind up the rail with the pigeons on it. Hop into the deck, then back out on the side of the building where the sprocket is located. Jump out of this grind into another deck, and then straight ahead onto a lower roof (you might hit the wall here). Once you get up (if you fell), turn left and hit the launch onto another roof. Stop and back up if you need speed to get to the next one, which is diagonally to the left. The logo is straight over the edge in this area, along with the other two skylights. This is very difficult to reach. The only obvious way is to just ride/crash up towards it, and hopefully grab it.

Level 2 (medium): MTV logo
Go into the new area straight ahead from the start to end up in the parking garage. Go straight in and turn around. The MTV Logo is over the door.

Level 2 (hard): MTV logo
Open the new area straight ahead by grinding the switch on the rail. Go up over or past the picnic area, into the hallway which becomes a slalom-type halfpipe (supposed to be a waterpark ride or something similar). Hop the launch into the other side of the pipe, carefully avoiding all of the gaps in the pavement. Once you reach the end over the pool, it is straight ahead.

Level 3 (medium): MTV logo
Wallride the switch off the start, and go into the previously gated area. You should see the MTV logo in the middle of everything in the pit directly in front of a large concrete pillar. Go around to the far side of it, hit the quarter along the wall. and turn around. Go up the back of the concrete pillar pushing forward, and grind on the top ledge. Hop over the front to get the MTV logo.

Level 3 (hard): MTV logo
From the start, go up the hill and follow the path. Jump the pole, then the chasm. Then, another short hop with a sprocket over it. You will notice when you land that there is a large rock launch off to the left, headed the opposite direction that you are currently going. Hit this launch onto a cliff. The MTV logo is straight ahead.

Mission Hong Chong: Easy trick
Go to the biggest air and jump off the side. Do tricks all the way down. When you come back quickly press [X] to do a trick on the ground. It does not matter if you land or crash it.

Trick combos
The following moves only work when you have charged shocks on your body.
One Handed Double Tail Whip: Do a Turn Down.

Back Flip Turn Down: Do a Nothing or a Turn Down.

Nothing Bike Flip: Get super charged, then keep doing Nothings.

T.J's Super No Handed Super Man: Keep doing Super Man Seat Grab.

No Handed Back Flip Bar Spin: When charged, do Turn Downs.

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