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Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 29, 2006
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Rolling invincibility
Hold [L1] or [R1] and jump to roll to either side. Megaman will be momentarily invincible during this time.

Unlimited money
Play the beast hunter game at the studio and get 4000 gold for completing grade A . Repeat this as needed to earn as much money as possible.

Locate the garbage can and pop can on the ground near the Jetlag Bakery on the Shopping Street. Kick the can into the bakery and speak to the woman inside to receive $1,000. This may be repeated to collect an unlimited amount of money.

Go to trapped boxes and shoot at them five to eight times. They will explode and result in lots of zenny. You may repeat this as many times as needed.

This trick can be done at any time after you get the Flutter, but can only be done once. Enter Roll's room. then talk to the monkey. He will say "Tell me..." and other similar things. Select "Tell me…" then select "I keep losing fights..." The monkey will say "Save money etc.". and give you 100 zenny. Then, he will ask if you want more. Answer "No thanks" and he will give you 1,000 Zenny. He will ask "Do you want more". Answer "Yes" to get even more Zenny, but if you answer "No" you can keep doing this until you get all the Zenny needed.

Hard and easy difficulty modes
Complete the game to unlock an additional option (in green) on the main menu that allows the game to be played at a more difficult level. Defeat the game under the new difficulty level to unlock another option (in yellow) that allows the game to be played at an easier difficulty level, with dash boots and full left arm weapon capability.

In easy mode, you will get the Buster Max buster part which maxes out every Buster capability. Also, Zenny found by killing Reaverbots are worth more. You also have the jet skates at the beginning of the game. The treasure chests which contain the items to make the jet skates are already open.

Control camera
At various times during the briefing sequences, "Camera Change" and "Camera Free" will be displayed. Press [Square] or [Triangle] to change the zoom. Press [Circle] to change views. Press [X] to stop the scene.
Balloon Fantasy
Use the Auto Battery and plenty of Rapid parts then hold [Square] + [R2]. For Beast Hunter, use [R1], [R2], [L1], and [L2] and have good aim.

Defeating Bosses
For any Boss, a good strategy is to equip a special weapon that you can run with while shooting, such as the Machine Buster. If possible, take a Hyper Cartridge. Run around them using the sideways run, turning to adjust your path every once in a while. Along with jumping, you should be able to avoid most of the attacks. Shoot the special weapon to wear them down, and use your Buster to finish them off. Note: If you have the Laser, it is much more useful than any other weapon. Note: If you are fighting Juno, wait until it is in the second form to use the special weapon.

Kicking bombs
During the course of the game certain enemies shoot bombs. Some explode immediately and some do not. When encountering an enemy that shoots bombs that do not immediately explode, you can kick the bombs back at them. This is risky. You cannot stand with your back to a wall for this to work. The bombs will weaken the enemy and destroy them at best. Do not try this on enemies that shoot bombs that explode on impact, such as the tanks in the Sub-cities or Bruno. It works on the following enemies:
The small green Reaverbot that is found in the introductory stage and the small ruins that the junk store owner is hiding in.

The spider-like Reaverbot that hangs on ceilings found in the introductory stage and in the Clozer Ruins. You can kick their bombs, however hitting them is another matter.

The small red Reaverbot that is motionless until you get close. They follow you and flash when they are about to explode. At this point, kick them quickly at other enemies in the area. You can take out two enemies at once. They can be found in the small ruins that the junk store owner is hiding in.

The tanks that are dropped by flying carriers when City Hall is under attack. When a carrier dives it drops bombs, kick them at nearby tanks.

This trick even works on the Marlwolf. Sometimes a Servbot will throw a bomb at you when it exits the door on the hatch. You can kick the bomb at the threads.
Extra life
Some opponents have small "lego men" pirates appear they are killed. To get free energy cubes, shoot the "lego man" a couple of times with the buster. Then, kick him after he's been taken care of. A life cube should appear. You can kick him about three times and it will stop.

Free Canteen refill
If you do not have any Zenny and you need a refill, you can get one for free by going to the Junkstore Lady and go to refill canteen. She will say a certain price, then answer "Yes". She will say you do not have enough money. Select "Refill" again and she will say, "What the hey I'll do it for free!" and you will have your canteen refilled.

Quick energy cubes
To quickly gain a little health in battle, shoot a Servbot until he is smoking, then kick him a couple of times. At least two energy cubes should appear from each Servbot.

Checking trash cans for items
Check trash cans for items by kicking them. The lid will fly up if there is nothing inside. The can will just wobble if there is Zenny or a item inside.

Collecting cats
When you get the main gate open, go there. A cat will be in front of the main gate. Talk to the cat. It will ask if you want to take it home. Do so, and every time you enter the flutter there will be one more cat.

Get hit by a van
Just walk in front of the van while the girl is driving it.

Get hit by police car
In the start of the game when the Flutters crash land on Kattleox Island, Megaman will be asked to look around for a town. Go north and pass the sign "To Town". Stand in the middle of the road as the police car arrives. Megaman will get hit and will be asked if he is all right (at this time only).

Directly across the clearing from Jim's hideout is a trash can. Kick it to cause a few birds to fly out when the lid pops off.

Lost clothes
When you first get the air ship enter the Girls Room 2. The second time you enter, you will not be wearing any clothes.

Megaman Legends message
Go to the Apple market, then look in the toys center. A box will appear in front of you. Press [Circle] to read the message "It's a Megaman Legends game".

Free pop
Locate the area with all the tanklike bots in Clover Woods very early in the game. Go around the smoking police car to see a shack up on a hill. Move closer and you will see a pop machine next to it. Go around the hill and jump up on to one of the tall platforms to reach the pop machines by a series of jumps. To get the free pop, simply talk to the machine, say "No", then kick it. It will either give you a pop or explode. If it explodes, enter the house to find the Junk Store Manager and his wife. You can buy items, and sometimes parts, from them. If the pop machine exploded, after exiting the building, go talk to it again, say "No" and kick it. Repeat this until getting a free pop.

Dark Megaman
When you first enter the city at the beginning of the game, do no good deeds unless it is required for progression of the game. Do bad deeds, such as kicking the can at the entrance into the Jetlag Baker to get 1,000 zenny, and kicking drink machines. Eventually Megaman will turn dark blue, and his kicks as well as his other attacks will become stronger. If you keep doing bad deeds, he will turn black. Note: If you do any good deed after turning darker, Megaman will turn back to normal and this will have to be repeated.

To make Megaman bad, when you have to get the money back from the robbers and you destroy them, they will say please take the money back. Instead, take the money and get out of town. This makes Megaman slightly stronger.

Destroy KTOX plane
In the mission where you protect City Hall, you can destroy the lower part of the flying KTOX news plane. You automatically turn black after destroying it.

Less buildings in Sub-City
Let the enemy that fires machine guns in the Sub-Cities notice you, then hide in a building. Its fire can destroy all the buildings except from where you can get the keys.

Faster trash check
If you are looking for items in trash cans, kick them instead of talking to them. If they are empty, the top will fly off, but if they are full it will stay on. This way, you can check for items in them without having to listen to Megaman say "Is there anything inside?"

Megaman apology
When Roll is driving in the tank area run into her car and she will say, "Sorry Megaman".

Glitch: Stuck in Oldcity building
Find the Oldcity building marked "88". Go into the main gate, then go down the spiral. When it is marked to go left, stay in that direction until you see a door to the right. Go through it, then go right and pass the machine that opens the sub-cities. Turn right to find a robo dog. Ignore it, then go to the door to the left. Once inside, go through the tunnel, enter the door, and go up the stairs. You will be outside Oldcity and see a building marked "88". Press [Circle] to enter it. However, there is no way out.

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