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View FMV sequences
Start "The Making Of Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete" disc. Then, press [Up], [Down], [Left], [Right], [Triangle], [Start] when the FMV sequence of the creation of the game starts. Then, swap the disc with either of the other game discs to view all FMV sequences on that disc.

Lords Of Lunar mini-game
Start "The Making Of Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete" disc. Then, press [Up], [Down], [Left], [Right], [Triangle], [Start] when the FMV sequence of the creation of the game starts. The mini-game resembles ping-pong with Lunar characters.
Getting Chira's Tail
Try to kill at least twenty Ice Mongrels before they run in the Trial Cave. Chira's Tail can be found after one of those battles. It gives Defense +2 and Agility +10.

Getting the Gale Ring
When you first meet Lily in Reza, talk to her three times in a row. Before you enter the Grindery, return to Reza and talk to her again. She will give you the Gale Ring, an accessory that adds one extra attack per turn to one character (similar to the Dragonmaster's Sword).

Getting Ghaleon's Tear
After Alex becomes the Dragonmaster, but before Nash leaves the party, go to Lann. Talk to the Chief. Choose the first option to answer the question he gives you. Then, before you enter the Grindery, return and talk to him again. He will give you Ghaleon's Tear. Ghaleons Tear is an accessory that lets your character's normal attack effect all the enemies on the battlefield.

Getting the Hell Ring
Visit Damon in his spire before you go into the Grindery. It will reduce your MP use by half.

Getting a Master Sword
After you become a Dragon Master, talk to Tempest and he will give you a Master Sword.

Female-only bathing spring
Get past the monsters in the Forbidden Forest and go to the other side to find is a female-only bathing spring which shows Jessica.

Getting through Forbidden Forest
To get through the Forbidden Forest to the Female Springs easily, go there when Alex is a Dragon Master and have him use the Dragon Grief spell in every battle.

Easy money
After Kyle and Mia are missing, you will have to search for Mia. She is on a bench south of where you are. After that, you can go to Ramus' shop and talk to him. He will say that everything in his shop is now free. Stock up on Mental Drops (1000s) and then sell them (2500s).

On the ship to Meribia you can buy soap from the counter.

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