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Nov. 29, 2006
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Original mode, play as Cynthia
Successfully complete the game to access to the "Original" selection on the "Game Mode" screen and to select Cynthia on the character selection screen.

Play as Spike
Successfully complete the game as Cynthia with an IQ of over 400. Alternatively, complete all 100 stages under "100 Attack" mode.

Play as Cherry
Remain in survival mode with Eliot for at least fifteen minutes.

Play as Dickson
Successfully complete the game with April with an IQ score of over 150.

Play as Kimti
Successfully complete the game with Morgan with an IQ score of over 300.

Play as Atlas
Successfully complete the game with Morgan with an IQ score of over 400.

Play demo levels
Select the "Rules" option, and highlight the Demo 1, Demo 2, or Demo 3 selection. Hold [L1] + [R1] and press [X] to begin game play in the selected demo level. You can now control the actions of the demo scenarios. Note: Use this to practice for the fifth and final stages.
When on any level, if you accelerate always run back as quickly as possible to the next puzzle. Be careful not to get smashed.

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