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Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 25, 2005
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Nov. 25, 2005
Nov. 25, 2005
Nov. 25, 2005
Nov. 25, 2005
"Go to Waltz Castle and walk into the water on the roof. Find the large waterfall, walk into the middle of it, and continue to walk up the stairs until you see a glowing ball. Walk up and talk to the ball. Fight and defeat Shiva to get her as a summon.

Finding Ramuh ("Final Fantasy 5)
"Get the airship and fly to Easterly Falls, up in the northwest corner of the map. Walk around in the forest until you encounter Ramuh. Fight and defeat Ramuh to get him as a summon.

Skip Gilgamesh battle ("Final 5)
"First, make sure you have one chararcter that has learned White Magic Lv5, another that knows Black Magic Lv5, a third one with Time Magic/Jikuu Lv5, and the last one with Summon/Call Lv3. You will need to use Cure3 and Golem most of the time to protect yourselves. Start the battle with Haste2 and Float and hit Gilgame with Ice3. Make sure to have all of these spells up and running. Then, make everyone in your party change to Monk to get a good amount of HP, then put everyone in the back row. Gilgame is tough and evades easily; there is almost no need to hit him with a weapon. Before you get to his lair (behind a door in the cave linking the Big Bridge to the plains of Val), cast Float on everyone. Then, start picking up Gil until Gilgame gets you. Starty by casting Haste2 and Golem. Every time you hit Gilgame with Ice3, this big turtle will counter twice with his Carapace attack, causing Blind and Poison. However, Golem will take the damage for you. Normally, Golem will take five hits from Gilgame before you have to resummon him. Keep casting Ice3 and defending yourselves with Cure3 and Antidote. You may also cast Blink to avoid your opponent's attacks and make Golem last slightly longer. Once Gilgame dies, he will destroy you with a Quake, which will be fatal to all of you if you are not floating. Winning the battle will award you 3 ABP and 5000 Gil. If you continue picking up Gil in the cave after that, Gilgame might appear again.

Defeating Bahamut ("Final Fantasy 5)
"The following is an easy way to defeat most enemies. If you have a Sorcerer and any of the level 5 Black Magic spells (Fire 3, Ice 3, etc.) you can instantly kill enemies that are weak against that element. This also works on some Bosses.

Have one character master the character that holds two weapons and the Hunter. Make him the bare class and give him two swords and the Sshot ability. Equip two weapons then use the Sshot ability in battle for an eight hit combination.

"In the first world, once you get the airship go to the chain of islands at the bottom of the map. The ones above crescent island have an enemy called Black Flame which has the Blue spell Black Shock, and gives high experience, gold and ABP when defeated. Also, some of the islands have a monster called Prototype which you cannot hurt to defeat. Use the Control command and have it cast Exploder on itself You can also learn the Blue spells Missile and Burn Ray from it. It also gives 500 experience and 4 ABP when defeated.

The Quar Harpy gives 250 experience to everyone if four are alive, 333 experience if three are alive, 500 experience to two or 1000 experience to one person. This can help early on in the game, if you are strong enough.

In the second world, after X-Death turns on his barrier, you will get sent to another part of the world map. There are two places that actually show up on the map when you use it -- a town and a castle. Villagers in the town warn you about the castle, and they also mention that the legendary weapons are all sealed there. If you investigate, you will find absolutely nothing to do, and a very difficult (in fact, impossible at your level) monster called a ShieldDragon. The dragon is technically invincible to you. He has Reflect, and you do not. He can kill you in a few blows, and you (most likely) cannot seriously hurt him. However, if you have someone become a trainer long enough to learn Control, then you have a chance. Simply have everyone defend or heal while one of the party tries to Control until they are successful. Once you are controlling him, you can attack him with Blaze for 4999 damage. Being a magical attack in nature, Blaze will not break the Control. Repeat this until he is defeated. By defeating it, you will get 1000 gil, 2500 experience per character (10,000 experience total), and 5 ABP. To add insult to injury, you can steal a Mythril Shield from him every time (and occasionally a Gold Shield), and sometimes you will win a Gold Shield from the fight.

Easy gil ("Final Fantasy 5)
"Go to the Valley Of Dragons in Galuf's World (World 2). Go in a cave and find a Zombie Dragon. Kill it. This may be difficult, considering it has about 8,000 HP. After the battle, it should give you about 1000 to 1500 gil, 500 to 1000 experience, and 2 to 7 ABP. A subscreen will appear. Take the Dragon Fang or Dragon Tooth, and kill some more Zombie Dragons. Each Dragon Fang or Dragon Tooth is worth 2500 gil. Also in the Valley Of The Dragons is a Bone Mail that resembles a ribcage. It has good defense, and can be used by Samurai, Knights, Sorcerers, Lancers, and most other fighting classes.

No battles in Phoenix Tower ("Final Fantasy 5)
"Use the following door order: left, left, right, left, left, right, left, left, right, left, left, right, right, left, right, left, left, right, and up.

Get Cain/Kain ("Final Fantasy 5)
"In World 3, use the airship to return to the pirate's base in the middle of the mountains. As you enter, Faris will appear and run to the right side of the base. He sees an illusion of Hydra. You will then get to summon Hydra, who uses the very useful attack, Thunder.

Hint Golem Summon ("Final Fantasy 5)
"In World 2 with the submarine you will find a tunnel underwater at the bottom part of the northwestern-most continent. Go through the tunnel and get into a fight. Shoat is difficult to defeat. His only attack does not miss and turns your characters into stone. The tunnel (outside in the water) is a yellow circle in the rock wall. The tunnel is also a good place to level up.

Mirage Town ("Final Fantasy Fantasy 5)
"Fly to Mirage Town and stand near the pub. If you go around through a back door, you will appear behind the counter of the pub. Check the barrels below you to get a useful weapon, the Thief's Knife. Head left to find some stairs, and continue through the area. Put on the "Secret" ability or make one of your characters a thief. Head through a secret passage to find a door, and past that, a piano. Play the Piano and head through the door to find the Black Chocobo.

Bone Mail ("Final Fantasy 5)
"The Bone Mail is in the Dragon Valley in Galuf's world. In the first area where you start to see bones, you will pass the ribs. The Bone Mail is in a small pile of bones just before you turn the corner on the cliff's edge. This armor is for Knights, Samurais, Sorcerers, etc. This armor will serve well until the end of the game.

Dancing Dirk ("Final Fantasy 5)
"In world 2 at the Moogle village, inside one of the houses is the Dancing Dirk. It is the strongest one handed weapon at this point. When attacking it has one of the following bonuses:
Sword Dance: 4x normal damage.
Jitterbug, Wonderwaltz: Absorbs enemy's life.
Normal hit: Normal hit.
Tempetango: Makes one enemy attack other monsters
Chicken Knife or Brave Sword ("Final 5)
"Once you get to Val castle in the second world, you will notice there is a basement in one of the lower levels that has a locked door. Down in this small basement room, you encounter monsters called Rock Statues. You can steal the Double Lance from these enemies, but it may take awhile. You will mostly get potions, but have patience. The Double Lance allows the user to attack twice. Try stealing two and equip them to a Ninja for a 4x attack. The rock statues are very difficult to defeat, but a Soft will kill them instantly.

Healing Staff ("Final Fantasy Magic Lamp ("Final Fantasy 5)
"You can get an item called the Magic Lamp. Use it in a battle 6to summon Bahamut. It can be recharged in the water at the dwarf village under the sea. Jump on the Yellow Chocobo and walk to the top of the waterfall at the northwestern part of World three. In the center of it, you will enter the waterfall. Check at the edge to find it.

Mirage Vest ("Final Fantasy 5)
"To get all of the weapons, place the Lithograph on the sparkling platform. You will now be able to break the seal on three of the weapons. Pick up the Lithograph, put it down again, and break three more seals. Repeat this until all the weapons are collected.

Magic Summoning Lamp ("Final Elixir ("Final Fantasy 5)
"You can steal an Elixir from the Zuu outside the castle with the Fire Crystal. This can give you an early advantage in the game.

Mime crystal shard ("Final Fantasy 5)
"Have a Hunter that is mastered (level 4). The ability learned is called Sshot meaning Super Shot. This ability will make your attack (Fight!) happen four times in a row; and if the first attack is critical, the other three will also be critical. This move cannot miss. Once you have Sshot, change your job to Bare or Mime and equip the Blood Sword found at X-Death's Tower in World 2. Equip the Blood Sword to the Bare or Mime character and give him/her the ability Sshot with the equipped weapon Blood Sword (84 Batt. Pwr., +5 to Vigor, steals the amount of damage that you deal, but with 5% Accuracy). The combo with Sshot (which never misses) will even this out against an average enemy. This can result in 3,200 damage against enemies and 3,200 HP to your character.

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