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Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 29, 2006
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Finding Pele
Pele may be found in the game as No. 10 and plays for a Classic Brazilian team side, Santos '62-'63 and the Classic Brazilian national team (Brazil '58 and Brazil '70).

Finding Ronaldo
Ronaldo may be found in the game as No. 9 and plays for the Italian side, Inter Milan and the Brazilian national team.
Finding Robbie Williams
Robbie Williams may be found in the game as No. 12 and plays for the Special Guests team.

Finding Veron
Veron plays for the Italian side, Lazio.

Better players
Press [Circle] at the main menu and select the customize option. Select "Player Customize", choose your player, and view his attribute points. You may then change all his attribute points to the highest possible values. Save your changes, then begin game play.

To find the best player on the game, simply go to the transfer option. Go to the team "EA 3" and scroll down until you find the player named "G.McBride". He is worth £66 and he has the top attributes.

Special Guests selection
When selecting your team, choose the "Rest Of World" category, then cycle through the teams until you reach the "S" section. You should find a team named Special Guests. This team is the same as the EA sports teams, except with different names and the players are 100% perfect in every aspect of performance.

Easy scoring
Sap sides in a match, then hold [L1] to bring the goalkeeper out. Quickly swap sides again and you should be able to score long range shots with the keeper out.

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