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Mar. 13, 2010
Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 25, 2005
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Map all lines
Pause game play and press [Triangle]x2, [L2], [R2], [L2], [R2], [R1], [Square]. To confirm correct code entry, a message will appear on the bottom of the viewing window and will disappear the game is resumed. All walls and boundaries will appear on the map for the current stage.

Map all items
Pause game play and press [Triangle]x2, [L2], [R2], [L2], [R2], [R1], [Circle]. To confirm correct code entry, a message will appear on the bottom of the viewing window and will disappear the game is resumed. All objects including enemies, items, weapons, and secret switches will appear on the map as blue triangles.

Weapons, ammunition, and keys
Pause game play and press [X], [Triangle], [L1], [Up], [Down], [R2], [Left]x2. To confirm correct code entry, a message will appear on the bottom of the viewing window and will disappear the game is resumed. All weapons, ammunition for them, and keys for current level will be available.

Transparent walls
Pause game play and press [L1], [R2], [L2], [R1], [Right], [Triangle], [X], [Right]. Your character may now see through one layer of wall or sprites.

Play track two of the game disc in an audio CD player to hear music from the game.
"Ultimate Doom"
03200%200%All3JJCMK8W64Toxin Refinery
04200%200%All03LTJ0Y!02Command Control
05200%200%AllH33!1HFTHKPhobos Lab
06200%200%All04MSKZX9Z1Central Processing
07125%200%AllYTTLCXXLXVComputer Station
08200%200%All09SMBY04YWPhobos Anomaly
09200%200%All7KKBLD7V53Diemos Anomaly
10100%200%AllFM4217GSGJContainment Area
12200%200%All07QPDW26WYDeimos Lab
13350%150%12346WTXQ9C3W12Command Center
14100%200%123456RBR4G!LDLNHalls of the Damned
15300%175%1236WTXQ9C3W11Spawning Vats
1650%75%1234567548C7DFWYXHell Gate
17100%125%1234567JOC89DZPQSHell Keep
19100%200%All9QLTKR0!02House of Pain
20100%200%All78M63QX921Unholy Cathedral
21200%200%AllS!61FHVQJGMt. Erebus
23200%200%AllVBGQPJ!Y46Tower of Babel
24200%200%AllZYKTLW7V53Hell Beneath
25200%200%All0DJSM4HW64Perfect Hatred
26200%200%AllLS5YPTCRKHSever the Wicked
27200%200%AllZDJSMVRW64Unruly Evil
28200%200%All1YKTX4QV53Unto the Cruel
29200%200%AllXKF6R8LZ97Twilight Descends
30200%200%AllDJX07Q4HTRThreshold of Pain
"Doom II"
33150%200%AllW394W2DMFCThe Gantlet
34150%200%AllZQ58ZKJRKHThe Focus
35175%200%AllZ758ZKJ8KHThe Waste Tunnels
36200%200%All5C2V3DQBNLThe Crusher
37200%200%AllNCKBLX7V53Dead Simple
38200%200%All1Q580FCRKHTricks and Traps
39100%200%AllHTMSKZZ9Z1The Pit
40200%200%AllWS58ZKCRKHRefueling Base
41200%200%AllCSNRG2W820O of Destruction!
42200%200%AllWT670JBQJGThe Factory
43200%200%AllDQLTJ1Y!02The Inmost Dens
44100%200%All2N94VFFMFCThe Suburbs
46200%200%AllWR492GDSGJThe Courtyard
47200%200%AllPFFGXH3777The Citadel
49200%200%AllCJJTM35964The Catacombs
50200%200%AllM!T174XZXVBarrels of Fun
52200%200%AllYJLW3PPCPMThe Abandoned Mines
53200%200%AllDKKBLM58J3Monster Condo
54200%125%All7L3!266DJKRedemption Denied
"Bonus levels"
55200%200%AllRCMSKZX9Z1Fortress of Mystery
56200%200%All8J94VFHMFCThe Military Base
57200%200%AllRJSMBY04YWThe Marshes
58200%200%All8K!3WDGLDBThe Mansion
59200%200%AllRKTLCXZ3XVClub Doom
Playing in linked mode with only one disc
Note: Sony does not recommend removing a spinning disc from the Playstation.
Connect two Playstations with the linkcable, and power on both systems. Begin Doom on Playstation 1. Select Deathmatch or a cooperative game. Playstation 1 should try to connect to Playstation 2. Wait a few seconds, remove the disc from the Playstation 1, and start the game on Playstation 2. Enter all selections identically to Playstation 1 and begin playing.

The game will hang from time to time. At these points, swap the disc to the other Playstation after waiting a few seconds before removing the disc.

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