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Primary Collection of Cheats
Slim Jim
Press [Down]x2, [Left], [Right], [Up]x2, [Circle] at the rider selection screen in ProQuest mode. Alternately successfully complete the game with any rider. Finish first at the end of the last level to unlock a bonus bike and Slim Jim. Note: The effect of this code will be disabled if a new bike is selected.

Amish Boy
Successfully complete the game as the game as Troy McMurray, Mike Laird, Chad Kagy, Tim Mirra, Kenan Harkin, Shaun Butler, Leigh Ramsdell, Joey Garcia, Ryan Nyquist, and Dave Mirra.

All bikes
Press [Up], [Left], [Up], [Down], [Up], [Right], [Left], [Right], [Circle] at the bike selection screen in ProQuest mode. Note: The effect of this code will be disabled if a new bike is selected. Note: When this code is used, you will not be able to unlock the ending sequence of the person you completed the game with.

All styles
Press [Left], [Up], [Right], [Down], [Left], [Down], [Right], [Up], [Left], [Circle] at the style selection screen in ProQuest mode to unlock all styles. Note: The effect of this code will be disabled if a new bike is selected. Note: When this code is used, you will not be able to unlock the ending sequence of the person you completed the game with.

All levels
Press [Up]x2, [Down]x2, [Left], [Right], [Left], [Circle] at the level selection screen in ProQuest mode. Note: The effect of this code will be disabled if a new bike is selected.

Delete saved data
Enter the options screen, highlight the cheats box, then press [X], [Triangle], [X], [Square], [Circle], [Triangle], [Square], [L1], [L2], [Triangle], [Square], [Circle], [Left], [Right], [Up], [Down], [Right], [X], [Circle].

Exorcist mode
Successfully complete the game as Troy McMurray to unlock the exorcist option at the cheat screen.

First person view
Successfully complete the game as Mike Laird to unlock the first person view option at the cheat screen.

Bike suspension mode
Successfully complete the game as Chad Kagy to unlock the bike suspension option at the cheat screen.

Silly grunts
Successfully complete the game as Tim Mirra to unlock the silly grunt option at the cheat screen.

Sticky crash
Successfully complete the game as Kenan Harkin to unlock the sticky crash option at the cheat screen.

Night vision
Successfully complete the game as Shaun Butler to unlock the night vision option at the cheat screen.

Big crashes
Successfully complete the game as Leigh Ramsdell to unlock the big crash option at the cheat screen.

Ghost rider
Successfully complete the game as Joey Garcia to unlock the ghost rider option at the cheat screen.

Dave Mirra FMV sequence
Successfully complete the game as Dave Mirra.

Ryan Nyquist FMV sequence
Successfully complete the game as Ryan Nyquist.

Game contest FMV sequence
Successfully complete the game as Slim Jim.

Development team FMV sequence
Successfully complete the game as Amish Boy.

Extra points
Press [X] and bunnyhop while not on a ramp just before the timer reaches zero. Hold [Up] + [X] or [Down] + [X] to continue to get points even though time has expired.

Stall on something and keep your balance. The points will continue to accumulate. Before the two minutes is over, jump off. An easy way to do this is to enable the "Slim Jim" code and select the bonus bike that it also unlocks. Execute a Double Peg Stall and keep balanced to keep accumulating points.

When you do a backflip and land it, keep riding backwards. Then when you go up another ramp, do the backflip, then a couple spins and barspins. The game will award more points than on a trick when riding forward.

Go to Woodward - Lot 8 and go to a wall. Do a Fastplant on a side wall and hold [X] + [Left] to keep scoring. Note: you can keep doing this after the buzzer.

Do a wall tap and hold [X] while pressing [Left] or [Right] to balance. Eventually, you will become perfectly balanced -- all you have to do is hold [X] button. This will work on any wall. Note: Only use the wall tap when you are above a quarterpipe or halfpipe because you will be pointing down when [X] is released. Otherwise, use a fastplant, but your points will accumulate slower and it is harder to achieve exact balance. This technique also works with stalls.

Do a still grind (for example, a peg grind) and balance yourself. After the buzzer sounds, you can still gain points as long as you are grinding.
More tricks
This trick will allow you to do Triple Backflips and Triple Tailwhips. The basic way to do a Backflip is to press [Down], [Square]. To do a Double Backflip, press [Down]x2, [Square]. To do a Triple Backflip, which requires a lot of air, press [Down]x3, [Square].

Get some air off a half-pipe and bail. Immediately after you bail, hold [Square] + [Down] to make your rider to do a backflip; or hold [Square] + [Up] to do a frontflip.

When you get any air, even from a Bunnyhop, press [L1] + [R1] + [L2] + [R2] to bail off your bike.

Tricks off bike
Bail in air, do a trick, and hold it. For example, press [Down] + [Square] and he will do a backflip without his bike.

Hang on for dear life
Hold [Triangle] immediately after you bail or fall off your bike. Your rider will hang on to the nearest rail, coping, or jump. Note: Once you release [Triangle], your rider will let go and fall.

Get on top of houses
Go by a building and jump. Press [L2] + [R2] + [L1] + [R1] and sometimes the game will reset with you on top of a building.

Do flips in bail contest in two player mode
Enter a two player mode bail contest. When you bail ([R1] + [R2] + [L1] + [L2]) and are high in the air, press [Up] or [Down] to do flips, or [Right] or [Left] to do spins.

Curl up in a ball
While falling off your bike up in the air, hold [Circle] to curl up in a ball.

Longer grinds
When you reach the end of a rail or coping in the game, jump off and land in a manual. Ride the manual all the way to the next rail and grind. This all counts as one trick because of the manual -- you can pull off some long grinds.

More speed
When you are doing the 180 feet on the rail or just need a little more speed, hold [Forward]. The game will make you continue to pedal as long as you hold the D-Pad in that direction.

Displaying special moves
Finish the first three hard core and the game will display the special move combination for your character.

Dave Mirra: Signature moves
Press "Up/Right", [Right]x2, [Square].
Press [Down]x3, [Square].

Troy McMurray: Signature moves
Press [Right]x2, [Down], [Square].
Press [Down], [Down/Left], [Left], [Square].

Leigh Ramsdell: Signature moves
Press [Up]x3, [Square].
Press [Right], [Left], [Right], [Square].

Ryan Nyquist: Signature moves
Press [Right], "Up/Right", [Right], [Square].
Press [Down]x2, [Down/Right], [Square].

Chad Kagy: Signature moves
Press "Up/Right", [Left]x2, [Square].
Press "Up/Right", [Down]x2, [Square].

Mike Laird: Signature moves
Press [Down/Right], [Down/Right], [Down/Right], [Square].
Press [Down], [Down/Right], [Down/Right], [Square].

Shaun Butler: Signature moves
Press [Down], "Up/Right", "Up/Right", [Square].
Press [Up], [Left]x2, [Square].

Joey Garcia: Signature moves
Press [Left], [Down], [Right], [Square].
Press [Down/Right], [Down/Right], [Right], [Square].

Kenen Harkin: Signature moves
Press [Right], [Left], [Down], [Square].
Press [Right], [Left], "Up/Right", [Square].

Tim Mirra: Signature moves
Press [Down], [Up], [Down], [Square].
Press [Up], [Down], [Up], [Square].

Slim Jim Guy: Signature moves
Press [Left], [Down], [Right], [Square].
Press [Right], [Up], [Left], [Square].

Amish Boy: Signature moves
Press [Left], [Down], [Right], [Square].
Press [Right], [Up], [Left], [Square].

Special moves
Ryan Nyquist: Press [Right]x2, [Up], [Right], [Down]x3, "Right
"Dave Mirra: Press [Right], [Up], [Right], [Right], [Down]x3
Troy McMurray: Press [Down]x2, [Left]x2, [Right]x2, "Down
"Joey Garcia: Press [Left], [Down], "Right
"Chad Kagy: Press [Up], [Right], [Down]x2, [Up], [Right], "Left
"Kenen Harkin: Press [Right], [Left], [Up], [Right], [Left], "Down
"Tim Mirra: Press [Down], [Up], [Down], [Up], [Down], "Up
"Slim Jim: Press [Right], [Up], [Left]x2, [Down], [Right].
Backflip TailSpin: Press [Down/Right], [Down]. [Square].
Double TailSpin: Press [Down/Right]x2, [Square].
Double Backflip: Press [Down]x2, [Square].
Superman Backflip (Super Flip): Press "Up/Right", [Down]. [Square].
Triple Backflip: Press [Down]x3, [Square].
Hardcore challenge tips
When you complete a set of hardcore challenges on a level, the game will reveal one of the following tips.
Greenville - Vail Trails: Hold [X] at the base of the jump and release at the lip for big air.

Greenville - Greenville Park: Hold the trick button longer for more points.

Greenville - Backyard Pools: Hold the modifier longer for bigger points.

Woodward - Woodward Trails: Try double-tapping directions to get lots of trick variations.

Woodward - Lot 8: Alley-oop air tricks are worth more points than rotating forward.

Woodward - Titanic: Use nose-wheelies and manuals to keep a trick set alive.
Greeville Trails: Big air
From where you start, jump over the log and go to the train tracks. Turn left, and go into the dip with a couple rollers and a log overhead. Pedal fast and slowly turn into the halfpipe and bunnyhop. It is possible to get 50 feet of air and pull a double backflip to frontflip 900.

Woodword Trails: Secret bowl
The secret bowl is behind the second building with the Big Woodward sign on it. To get to the bowl, go up the jump to get on the roof. When you are on the roof jump off the back and you will be at the bowl.

Woodward Lot 8: Another bike park
You will start on a large ramp on one side of the wall. Go up onto the opposite wall and jump off the fun box, like you normally would. Do a wall tap and hold it. Then, lean your rider and the bike toward the wall. If done correctly, the game will glitch and set you outside in another little bike park. To get back in, do the same thing,. Note: You do not necessarily have to jump off the box.

Vail Trails: Hardcore challenge mode
Gap the train
Stay were you are at the beginning and wait until you see a small area in the train . You have to time it just correctly or you will smash into the train.

Grind more than 180 feet on the hydro tower wires
Get a lot of speed or you will not make it far enough since you have to grind at a 25 degree angle upwards. When you start off, go to the far corner of the level (after the creek gap which is to your left at the start) and follow the quarterpipes. You will need to go off them in order to get enough speed to make the grind. You will eventually turn left and go down across the creek, where there is a large dirt pile which you must launch off. In order to get onto the rail you must grind to complete the challenge. Do not bunny-hop at any time while you are on the rail because you will lose speed. You will go around a U-turn and come back down the remaining half of the rail.

Grind the telephone wire
You must gap the train to get to the other side . Just follow the path and go off the jumps and you will land on a black and purple ramp, which will bounce you up into the air towards the telephone wire. You may have to do this more than once because you have to hit the correct location on the trampoline/jump.

Gap the fence off the trailer
Turn right off the start into the area with the trailers that are attached to the hillside. Go up the hillside and stop. Turn your bike around to get lined up with the trailer. Go towards the trailer and launch off the ramp, which is coincidentally attached to the trailer.
Crush rider
Go to the train on the first level. Wait until the car with no top rides by. Intentionally crash on it. If done correctly, when you hit the tunnel the train enters while you are still tumbling, it will sound like are being slammed through each cart.

Sleepy rider
Choose any rider and level. Stop and allow the game to idle for five to fifteen minutes. Zs will appear above the head of your rider.

Glitch: Walls
Be careful not to go too close to the walls or you can go through them and fall somewhere else.

Glitch: Infinite skid
Go fairly fast in a dirt surrounded area. Press [Down/Right] and done correctly you will skid and move at the same time. Note: This may require some time to do.

To skid as long as you want, go to a quarterpipe or vert ramp. Go up the side of it a short distance. Then, hold [Down/Left] or [Down/Right] as long as needed.

Glitch: Infinite Wall Tap and Fastplant
Use the secret bike to keep on doing a wall tap or a fastplant. For example, press [Left] + [X], get straight up, then release [Left] but keep [X] held.

Glitch: Infinite Toothpick Stall
Go up to any rail, or something that you can stall on, and press [Up] + [Triangle]. Let yourself fall to one side, and when you are about to fall off, hold the D-Pad in the opposite direction and try to balance. If done correctly, you should be able to stay in one position for a long time without balancing but you still have to hold the D-Pad. Note: This may require some practice.

Use the secret bike and perform a Double Peg Stall anywhere in any level. The longer you are able to balance the rider, the more points you will acquire.

Glitch: Infinite Grind
Go to the Acclaim Max Games Street. Go straight down the ramp until you reach the jump. Make a left turn and go to the other side. Then, execute a toothpick grind ([Up], [Triangle]) near the end. When you reach the end you will continue to grind as long as you balance. Use this trick to break records or get large amounts of points.

Glitch: Bike on water
Go to the second last level, bail near the water, and use the "Hang on for dear life" trick. If done correctly, you will see the bike bounce or just stay on top of the water.

Glitch: Get on roof or tower
Get very close the bottom of the roof or tower and bail. After you get up, you will end up at the top. Note: If you bounce off, it will not work.

To get on top of any building, go up to a wall and do a Fastplant/Walltap ([X], [Up] or [X], [Down]). Then, lean towards the wall and fall through. Your character should fall into a green or brown pit, then appear on top of the roof.

Glitch: Fall through wall
Go to Acclaim Max Games Street and do a Toothpick Stall near the wall that separates you and the water. Lean toward the wall and you should fall through.

Go to the first dirt level, where you have to do the wall tap over the sign. Wall tap, but then hold it as long as you can. If done correctly, you will fall into the area with the other bowl.

Glitch: Grind girders
On the Woodword Lot 8 level, go to the part with the two quarter pipes (with one raised). Go up the quarter pipe that is not raised and hold [Triangle]. If done correctly, you will ride up the wall and grind the girders.

Glitch: Log backflip
Go to the first level. When you start, go up to the log and hit it. Just at that instant, do a backflip. You will jump over the log and will get the point even when you did not backflip. This glitch also works with other tricks.

Moves (demo version)
Wall tap: Press [Right] + [X] when near a wall or at the top of a ramp.
Fastplant: Press [Left] + [X] when near the top of a ramp or wall.
Manual: Press [Down] + [X], then hold [X].
Nose Wheelie: Press [Up] + [X], then hold [X].
Flip Driver: Do a Backflip ([Down] + [Square]), then do a bar spin ([Down] + [Circle]) while in the Backflip.
Tooth Pick Grind: Press [Up] + [Triangle].
Ice Pick Grind: Press [Down] + [Triangle].
Smith Grind: Press [Left] + [Triangle].
Double Peg Grind: Press [Right] + [Triangle].
Lip Slide Grind: Press "Up/Left" + [Triangle].
Luc-E Grind: Press "Up/Right" + [Triangle].
Crooked Grind: Press [Down/Left] + [Triangle].
Sprocket Grind: Press [Down/Right] + [Triangle].
No-Hand One-Foot: Press [Down/Left], [Left] + [Circle].
Superman moves (demo version)
Cross Up Superman: Superman, Cross Up
Bar Spin Superman: Superman, Bar Spin
One-Hander Superman: Superman, One-Hander Air
Peg Grab Superman: Superman, Peg Grab
Seat Grab Superman: Superman, Seat Grab
No Hander Superman: Superman, No Hander Air
High score (demo version)
Do manuals or nose wheelies for the entire time, then keep holding the move as long as possible.

Grind the ceiling (demo version)
Hold [Up] until you hit the quarter pipe. From the beginning, go straight and then up the ramp ahead. Then at the end of the bowl, turn and go down the ramp and head towards the quarter bowl. Go straight so you head towards the part of the ramp that is right against the ceiling. When you get to the ramp keep holding [Up] then hold [Triangle] + [Up] when you go up. If you hold it, you will go up and grind the ceiling.

Glitch: Bounce continuously
Unlock the "Sticky crash" cheat. Then, select any rider and start. Go off a halfpipe and hold [X] + [Up], then press [L1] + [L2] + [R1] + [R2] to bail. Then, hold [Triangle] immediately after you bail, but only near a grinding rail. You will bounce off it either continuously (if you are skilled) or hit it a few times then hang off the side. If you do it a few times, you get further out. If you let it go out far, you will go flying.

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