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Slim Jim
Press [Down]x2, [Left], [Right], [Up]x2, [Circle] at the rider selection screen in ProQuest mode. Alternately successfully complete the game with any rider. Finish first at the end of the last level to unlock a bonus bike and Slim Jim. Note: The effect of this code will be disabled if a new bike is selected.

Amish Boy
Successfully complete the game as the game as Troy McMurray, Mike Laird, Chad Kagy, Tim Mirra, Kenan Harkin, Shaun Butler, Leigh Ramsdell, Joey Garcia, Ryan Nyquist, and Dave Mirra.

All styles
Press [Left], [Up], [Right], [Down], [Left], [Down], [Right], [Up], [Left], [Circle] at the style selection screen in ProQuest mode to unlock all styles. Note: The effect of this code will be disabled if a new bike is selected. Note: When this code is used, you will not be able to unlock the ending sequence of the person you completed the game with.

Delete saved data
Enter the options screen, highlight the cheats box, then press [X], [Triangle], [X], [Square], [Circle], [Triangle], [Square], [L1], [L2], [Triangle], [Square], [Circle], [Left], [Right], [Up], [Down], [Right], [X], [Circle].

First person view
Successfully complete the game as Mike Laird to unlock the first person view option at the cheat screen.

Bike suspension mode
Successfully complete the game as Chad Kagy to unlock the bike suspension option at the cheat screen.

Silly grunts
Successfully complete the game as Tim Mirra to unlock the silly grunt option at the cheat screen.

Night vision
Successfully complete the game as Shaun Butler to unlock the night vision option at the cheat screen.

Ghost rider
Successfully complete the game as Joey Garcia to unlock the ghost rider option at the cheat screen.

Ryan Nyquist FMV sequence
Successfully complete the game as Ryan Nyquist.

Game contest FMV sequence
Successfully complete the game as Slim Jim.

Development team FMV sequence
Successfully complete the game as Amish Boy.
More tricks
This trick will allow you to do Triple Backflips and Triple Tailwhips. The basic way to do a Backflip is to press [Down], [Square]. To do a Double Backflip, press [Down]x2, [Square]. To do a Triple Backflip, which requires a lot of air, press [Down]x3, [Square].

Get some air off a half-pipe and bail. Immediately after you bail, hold [Square] + [Down] to make your rider to do a backflip; or hold [Square] + [Up] to do a frontflip.

When you get any air, even from a Bunnyhop, press [L1] + [R1] + [L2] + [R2] to bail off your bike.

Hang on for dear life
Hold [Triangle] immediately after you bail or fall off your bike. Your rider will hang on to the nearest rail, coping, or jump. Note: Once you release [Triangle], your rider will let go and fall.

Do flips in bail contest in two player mode
Enter a two player mode bail contest. When you bail ([R1] + [R2] + [L1] + [L2]) and are high in the air, press [Up] or [Down] to do flips, or [Right] or [Left] to do spins.

Longer grinds
When you reach the end of a rail or coping in the game, jump off and land in a manual. Ride the manual all the way to the next rail and grind. This all counts as one trick because of the manual -- you can pull off some long grinds.

More speed
When you are doing the 180 feet on the rail or just need a little more speed, hold [Forward]. The game will make you continue to pedal as long as you hold the D-Pad in that direction.

Displaying special moves
Finish the first three hard core and the game will display the special move combination for your character.

Troy McMurray: Signature moves
Press [Right]x2, [Down], [Square].
Press [Down], [Down/Left], [Left], [Square].

Ryan Nyquist: Signature moves
Press [Right], "Up/Right", [Right], [Square].
Press [Down]x2, [Down/Right], [Square].

Mike Laird: Signature moves
Press [Down/Right], [Down/Right], [Down/Right], [Square].
Press [Down], [Down/Right], [Down/Right], [Square].

Shaun Butler: Signature moves
Press [Down], "Up/Right", "Up/Right", [Square].
Press [Up], [Left]x2, [Square].

Joey Garcia: Signature moves
Press [Left], [Down], [Right], [Square].
Press [Down/Right], [Down/Right], [Right], [Square].

Tim Mirra: Signature moves
Press [Down], [Up], [Down], [Square].
Press [Up], [Down], [Up], [Square].

Amish Boy: Signature moves
Press [Left], [Down], [Right], [Square].
Press [Right], [Up], [Left], [Square].

Backflip TailSpin: Press [Down/Right], [Down]. [Square].
Double TailSpin: Press [Down/Right]x2, [Square].
Double Backflip: Press [Down]x2, [Square].
Superman Backflip (Super Flip): Press "Up/Right", [Down]. [Square].
Triple Backflip: Press [Down]x3, [Square].
Greeville Trails: Big air
From where you start, jump over the log and go to the train tracks. Turn left, and go into the dip with a couple rollers and a log overhead. Pedal fast and slowly turn into the halfpipe and bunnyhop. It is possible to get 50 feet of air and pull a double backflip to frontflip 900.

Woodward Lot 8: Another bike park
You will start on a large ramp on one side of the wall. Go up onto the opposite wall and jump off the fun box, like you normally would. Do a wall tap and hold it. Then, lean your rider and the bike toward the wall. If done correctly, the game will glitch and set you outside in another little bike park. To get back in, do the same thing,. Note: You do not necessarily have to jump off the box.

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