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Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 25, 2005
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Time Attack option
Start a new game with the name "AXELORD". When you can control Alucard, pause game play and go to "Settings". A "Time Attack" option will appear at the bottom. It displays what time you defeated the Bosses and received special items. This has no purpose in the game.

Play as Richter Belmont
Save any game with the following attributes: after the final battle in the game, into the middle section of the inverted castle, after beating the final villain, and marked as "clear" (180% or greater completion). Start a new game with the name "RICHTER". Richter Belmont may now be controlled when the new game begins. Richter can not change forms or use armor, weapons, items, and magic. He can perform a super jump, a blade charging move, and use secondary weapons such as the throwing dagger, axe, and holy water.

Start with Potion
Successfully complete the game, then start a new file and name it "GHOST!!!" to start with a Potion.

Start with more intelligence
Obtain a saved game file as described in the "Play as Richter Belmont" code. Start a new game with the name "X-X!V''". Note: There are two apostrophes in the name. Game play will begin with increased intelligence but decreased strength.

Nova Bomb
Enter "DRACULA" as a name to begin with a Nova Bomb.

No Dopplegangers
Start a new game with the name "MARIA" and you will not have to fight the Dopplegangers.

Control opening screen
Use the D-Pad to alter the opening screen when "Now Loading" appears.

Special moves
When you have a weapon, you can make special moves with it. Press [Down], "Down/Forward", [Forward] then press attack ([Circle] or [Square]). Another special move is press [Back], [Forward], attack ([Circle] or [Square]). NOTE: Not all the weapons have both special moves.

Bonus music track
Play track two of the game disc in an audio CD player.
Easy experience
Find the Terminus Est (a poisoned sword left by Nova Skeletons), then go to the inverted castle. Work your way to the inverted clock hallway where Level 60 Guardians are waiting. Guardians are relatively weak to poison. Slash away, and you will get monster experience. Depending on your level (35-50), you should be able to gain a level every two kills.

Alternatively, equip the Shield Rod and Alucard Shield (the normal one), and press the Left- and Right-hand buttons at the same time. This will activate a special mode in which your shield is granted the abilities of all shields at once. Your shield is now the strongest weapon in the game (for a random amount of limited time). Ram into the Guardians with the Alucard Shield equipped and cause massive, rapid fire damage.

Continually kill the phantom sword in the inverted chapel.

Equip the Shield Rod and Alucard Shield. Activate the God Shield (hold "Shield" and press [Attack]x2; you should see a circle of shields above Alucard for a few seconds). To use the God Shield, put up the shield and simply run through an enemy. The God Shield is only activated for a limited amount of time. Watch for the shields to appear above Alucard again, and go up. Then, go to the room to the left of the inverted clock tower. There are two Guardians and one Blade in the room. Kill them continuously with the God Shield to level up quickly. Note: Watch out for the Guardians Ice throw. It does 56 damage with each hit, or 24 damage if the Alucard Mail is equipped.

Easy money
Equip the Jewel Sword (from Discus Lord), then press [Down], "Down/Forward", [Forward]. Coins will fall from the sword, giving you extra money.

Go to Coliseum, in the room where you find Shield Rod (and a bag of 1000 gold). Using Alucard Shield + Rod Shield, Talisman and other item combos, you will be able to take 1000 gold at about every twelve seconds.

Get the Jewel Sword from Discus Lord and go to the room in the library with all the Flea Men and the Dhuron. Kill them to get rings. Note: This works better if you have both the Ring Of Arcana or Ring Of Arcana and a Ring Of Varda Paranthropus equipped.

Free ride
Note: Enabling the "Start with 99 luck" code may make this easier. Head for the Castle Keep area and get the Leap Stone. Then, return to the Marble Gallery's long hallway(with the eyeball floating in the background). Approach a Diplocephalus (green ugly creature with a naked woman for a tail). Double jump, then drop kick onto the Diplocephalus's back to get a free ride. You will get knocked off if you get hit by one of its fireballs or if you kill it.

Raise luck
Equip the Alucard Sword, Alucard Shield, and Alucard Mail. The game will change your status to Alucard and increase your luck +30. This is useful when attempting to get rare items.

Big jump
Once you have the Super Jump Relic, press [Down], [Up], [X] to do a very high jump,

Rapid double jumps
After acquiring the Leap Stone, some places that can only be reached with the bat can be reached without it. Alternatively, find the passage you wish to go to with a nearby enemy or candle. Perform the double jump, then perform the drop kick on the enemy or candle. You will bounce up and be able to do another double jump.

Drop kick
After obtaining the Leap Stone, Alucard can do a drop kick attack. To do it, hold [Down] during a double jump, and press [Jump] again. If the attack connects, you will cause base damage (equal to an unarmed attack), plus or minus hit resistance/weakness. Also, if the attack connects, you will jump again as if you had just landed, and you can double jump-drop kick again.

Wolf Charge
Alucard can learn a spell that you do not buy. Press [Down/Left] for the Wolf Charge.

Mid-Air Double-Slash
Some weapons in the game hit twice when the [Square] or [Circle] is held long enough while in mid-air. What looks like one slash will actually count as two hits. Tap [Jump] to perform a low hop, like in the "Double-Slash" trick, then at the peak of the jump, hold [Square] or [Circle]. Alucard will perform a slash, but you will notice two damage counters appear. This only works for some swords, presumably those with auras, such as the Sword Familiar, Icebrand, Firebrand, Thunderbrand, etc. Used in conjunction with the "Double-Slash" trick, you can perform triple-slashes by using the mid-air double-slash, then tapping [Square] or [Circle] once you touch the ground.

Faerie on your shoulder
When you have the Faerie familiar, get her out and do not move. In a little while, the Faerie will go onto your shoulder to sit. If you move, she will fall off with a screech.

Axe Shield
If you fight the Axe Lord Armors, they will eventually drop an Axe Shield.

Dragon Statue
Occasionally, when a Petrify attack hits Alucard, he will turn into a giant, kneeling dragon statue instead of an Alucard statue. In this form, you will not take any damage whatsoever from attacks. Breaking out of the stone returns Alucard to his original form.

Crisseagrim sword
The best sword in the game is the Crisseagrim (obtained from the Schmoos in the Inverted Library). It is not the most powerful, but its speed and number of hits allows many of the Bosses (Medusa, Mummy ,Frankenstien) to be killed in under ten seconds. Note: Bosses with multiple parts, such as Beelzebub, and those that jump away when hit, such as Doppleganger 40, do not suffer from the multiple hits as well.

Gods Garb
Get one Ring Of Varda from a Paranthrapus (big yellow skeleton in the Inverted Castle). Put it on and go to the Clock Tower. Kill the guardians in both rooms until you get Gods Garb. You do not need 200% completion or start a new game with the name "Mephisto".

Marsil sword
To get the best looking sword in the game, you must have high luck. Go to the Inverted laboratory and kill the Fire Demons until you get the Marsil. They will also give you the fire sheild.

King's Stone
The little bat-like creatures that blow at your head will give you a King's Stone (STR +10)

Stone Sword
Go to the inverted castle and kill the Gordons until you get the sword.

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