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Camera control
Select control type "H2" in the options menu. Choose "Camera Action" and find the Your Self" option. Select a control type. [L1], [L2], [R1], and [R2] now control the camera angles. Start a fight and pause the game. Press [Select] when changing camera angles to toggle between rotate/tilt and zoom/pan.

New colors
Beat the game and display the random select box. Hold [Select] slow the cycling characters. Press "Weak Punch" or "Weak Kick" when your character appears to select outfits with two new color schemes.

Play as Sho and Vermillion
Use the code to play as Uranus and Master. Return to the title screen. Quickly press [Circle], [R2], [L1], [X], [L2], [R1] on controller two while the option text is sliding across the title screen. A sound will be heard and the option button will turn red to confirm correct code entry. Press [Select] at the random character select option to slow the display. The new characters are located after Chaos. In the Japanese version of the game, substitute the code with [Square], [R2], [R1], [Triangle], [L2], [L1].

These characters also may be played if the game is beaten with Master in one player mode on level six or higher. After the ending credits, the cursor will turn red. Press [Select] at the random character select option and choose the new characters.

Remove display
Pause a fight. Hold [Circle] + [Triangle] + [Square] + [X] and press [Select]. This removes the continue, options and reset selections. While continuing to hold the four buttons, press [Select] again. This removes the Life and Over Drive bars. To return the display to normal, repeat the code while pressing [Select] once.
Listen to a Song
Put the game inside the Playstation but leave the cover open so you will be brought to the memory card menu. Go to the music player and you may listen to all the songs from the stages.

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