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Oct. 16, 2013
Unlock Bonuses
Darius (Character) - Beat the game in Branshaldo Empire Faction.
Dark Darius (Character) - Beat the Dark Jester Faction.
God Hand (Toren's special weapon) - Beat the game in Toren Militia Faction.
Gratos and Dio (Characters) - Finish all their Sub-events and join thier family.
Paul's Sub-events - Beat the game.
Paul (Character) - Finish all his Sub-events and join him in his journey.
Tersa's Sub-event - Beat the game.
Kaka's Sub-events - Beat the game.
Kise and Kiara Sub-events - Beat the game twice and play for your 3rd playthrough.
Kise and Kiara (Characters) - Finish all their Sub-events and join her in her journey.
Miracle Staff (Fiona's special weapon) - Finish Fiona's Secret (Sub-event).
Oath Rod (Cynthia's special weapon) - Finish Maid for Waiting... (Sub-event).
The Gratos Clan Sub-events - Beat the game twice and play for your 3rd playthrough.
Toren, Fiona, Yuri, Cynthia, Gaston, and Berkut (Playable Characters Even Fighting in Different Factions) - Beat the True Ending.
True Ending (Extension Story) - Beat all the Factions story (Toren Militia,Aura Republic,Branshaldo Empire).
Veda (Character) - Beat the game in Aura Republic Faction.

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