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Aug. 14, 2010
Jul. 30, 2010
May. 21, 2010
Aug. 08, 2006
Primary Collection of Cheats
Unlock Everything
On the title screen, press [Left] on D-pad, [Right] on D-pad, [Left] on Analog stick, [Right] on Analog stick, [Square], [Circle], [Up] on D-pad, & [Down] on D-pad. You should get a message or hear a sound if done correctly. This will unlock the Tips, Arts, & Sound Tests for every game.
Unlock Art
Each game has artwork that can be unlocked by doing a specific task:

1941 - Defeat the Stage 4 boss, Krote
Avengers - Clear stage 4 and rescue the girl
Bionic Commando - Get over 25,000 points
Black Tiger - Defeat the Stage 3 boss
Block Block - Complete an extended bonus
Captain Commando - Defeat Dr. T.W. at the end of Stage 5
Final Fight - Pick up Eddie E's Bubble Gum
Forgotten Worlds - Complete 3 stages
Last Duel - Get over 100,000 points
Legendary Wings - Find a Lucky! hidden area
Magic Sword - Reach level 20 of the tower
Mega Twins - Venture into Monster Castle
Quiz & Dragons - Get over 200,000 points
Section Z - Complete Section E
Side Arms - Defeat the Stage 3 boss
Street Fighter - Journey to Thailand
Strider - Defeat Captain Beard Jr in Stage 3
The Speed Rumbler - Clear Stage 3, Stone Hill
Three Wonders - Finish one of the 3 games
Varth - Destroy the Steel Golem in Stage 15

Unlock Music
To unlock a game's music, simply beat the game.

Unlock Tips
Each game has tips that can be unlocked by doing a specific task:

1941 - Get over 500,000 points
Avengers - Get over 20,000 points
Bionic Commando - Clear Stage 1
Black Tiger - Get over 25,000 points
Block Block - Complete the beginner course
Captain Commando - Get over 30,000 points
Final Fight - Play as all 3 characters
Forgotten Worlds - Get over 15,000 points
Last Duel - Get over 50,000 points
Legendary Wings - Get over 30,000 points
Magic Sword - Get over 120,000 points
Mega Twins - Get over 15,000 points
Quiz & Dragons - Enter the Flatfield from Stage 2
Section Z - Get over 70,000 points
Side Arms - Get over 200,000 points
Street Fighter - Get over 60,000 points
Strider - Get the Terapodal Robopanther
The Speed Rumbler - Get over 20,000 points
Three Wonders - Play all 3 games at least once
Varth - Get over 250,000 points

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