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Unlock Courts
Aloha Beach Tennis Court - Beat Ashley (aka Yelena) in Beginners Class.
Grand Palais Indoor Court - Beat Kent (aka Ryu) and Will in Japan Class.
Miyabi Tennis Grove - Beat Cody (aka Yuki) in Semi-pro Class.
Nakagawa River Courts - Beat Jun and Ashley (aka Yelena) in Amateur Class.
Queen's Tennis Garden - Beat Carol and Gloria in World Class.
Temple of Olympia Court - Beat Momoko in Semi-pro Class.
West Prairie Tennis Court - Beat Big Chief (Rock Bull) in Pro class.
Wild Green Tennis Court - Beat Jun and JJ in Beginners Class.

Unlock Umpires
Anna - Beat Big Chief (Rock Bull) and Kent (aka Ryu) in World Class.
Kaori - Beat Kaito and Momoko in Semi-pro Class.
Robot Tennis - Beat Suzuki and Big Chief (aka Rock Bull) in Pro class.
Suzuki - Beat Cody (aka Yuki) in Beginners Class.

Unlock Characters
Big Chief: (aka Rock Bull) - Defeat Big Chief (Rock Bull) in challenge mode.
Carol - Defeat Carol in challenge mode.
Gloria - Defeat Gloria in challenge mode.
Jun - Defeat Jun in challenge mode.
Kaito - Defeat Kaito in challenge mode.
Kent (Ryu) - Defeat Kent (Ryu) in challenge mode.
Lola - Defeat Lola in challenge mode.
Miranda - Defeat Miranda in challenge mode.
Momoka - Defeat Momoka in challenge mode.
Suzuki - Defeat Suzuki in challenge mode.
Will - Defeat Will in challenge mode.

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