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Check out these Honor and Duty: Arcade Edition cheats and stay cool!
Unlock Trophies
Barrel of Fun (Bronze) - Eliminate an enemy with an exploding barrel.
Diversity (Bronze) - Train all 4 soldier classes in a single round.
Extra Crispy (Bronze) - Destroy an enemy medical tent with the flame thrower.
Hard to Kill (Bronze) - Complete an entire level without dying.
Not a Scratch (Silver) - Complete a round without getting hurt.
Rocket Man (Silver) - Destroy an enemy base with the rocket launcher.
Supreme Commander (Gold) - Achieve the rank of General.
The Fixer (Bronze) - Repair a critically damaged building to full strength.
The Healer (Bronze) - Restore a teammate's health as the medic.
The Officer (Bronze) - Attain the rank of Second Lieutenant.
Toxicity (Silver) - Eliminate an enemy with toxic gas.

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