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Unlock Trophies
A Conspiracy of Probes (Silver) - Collect all Probes in Area-42.
A Much Less Perfect Union (Bronze) - Complete all side missions in Union Town.
Alien Conqueror vs. Robot Soldier! (Silver) - Destroy 50 robots.
Alien Overlord (Gold) - Achieve 100% completion.
Area 86ed (Bronze) - Complete all side missions in Area 42.
Bombing Run (secret) (Bronze) - Complete Duck and Cover!
Danger: Death Ray (Bronze) - Fully upgrade the saucer's Death Ray.
Down-Home Country Probing (Silver) - Collect all Probes in Turnipseed Farm.
Dust in the Wind (Bronze) - Fully upgrade the Disintegrator Ray.
Earth-Shattering Kaboom (Bronze) - Fully upgrade the Ion Detonator.
Eminence Grise (secret) (Bronze) - Complete Citizen Crypto.
First Contact (secret) (Bronze) - Complete Destination Earth!
Food for Thought (Silver) - Extract 250 brains from living humans.
Gray Matters (Silver) - Collect a total of 50,000 DNA without using the Mmm... Brains! Cheat.
Identity Thief (Silver) - Assume 40 identities.
Impeached (secret) (Gold) - Complete Attack of the 50 Ft. President!
Kicking Government In the Seat (Bronze) - Complete all side missions in Capitol City.
Mars Needs Information (secret) (Bronze) - Complete The Island Suburbia.
Mind Over Antimatter (Bronze) - Fully upgrade the saucer's Sonic Boom.
Mind Over Matter (Bronze) - Fully upgrade Psychokinesis.
Modestly Successful (Bronze) - Complete all side missions in Santa Modesta.
Now You Learn to Love the Bomb (Bronze) - Fully upgrade the saucer's Quantum Deconstructor.
Power Trip (secret) (Bronze) - Complete a side mission with the Bulletproof Crypto code enabled.
Probe Town, USA (Silver) - Collect all Probes in Union Town.
Probe-ation Officer (Gold) - Collect all Probes.
Probes With a Capitol P (Silver) - Collect all Probes in Capitol City.
Ride the Lightning (Bronze) - Fully upgrade the Zap-O-Matic.
Rocked Well (Bronze) - Complete all side missions in Rockwell.
Ruler of Earth (Platinum) - Unlock all other trophies.
Saturday Evening Probe (Silver) - Collect all Probes in Rockwell.
Sun, Surf & Probes (Silver) - Collect all Probes in Santa Modesta.
Term Limited (Silver) - Assassinate 50 politicians.
Terror From Beyond the Stars! (Silver) - Kill a total of 1,000 humans.
The Tyrant of Turnipseed (Bronze) - Complete all side missions in Turnipseed Farm.
There's the Beef (Silver) - Tip 100 cows.
This Ridiculous War (secret) (Silver) - Complete Armiquist vs. the Furons!
Trail of Wreckage (Silver) - Destroy 500 vehicles.
We're Doing It Live (secret) (Bronze) - Complete Suburb of the Damned.

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