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Unlock Trophies
2K (Gold) - Win 2,000 points in any game mode.
A good start (Bronze) - TOP SPIN ACADEMY - Complete all the Basic Lessons.
Always better the first time (Silver) - WORLD TOUR - Win your first Grand Slam Tournament.
Completely developed (Bronze) - Reach a level of 20 with a created player.
Inside-out (Bronze) - Score 30 winners with an inside-out shot.
It's alive!! (Bronze) - Create a player.
King of the Court (Bronze) - KING OF THE COURT - Play one King of the Court game.
Legend (Gold) - CAREER - Reach the 'Legend' status and finish the game mode.
Less than 24 hours (Silver) - WORLD TOUR - Play a match less than 24 hours before end of season when you are in the Season top 100.
Love the games to love (Bronze) - Win 25 games to love.
Metronome (Bronze) - Win a rally of 8 strokes or more with only good and perfect timing (singles only).
More unlocks! (Gold) - Unlock 75% of the game.
Dream match (Bronze) - CAREER - Win your first Dream Match.
Drop Shot artist (Bronze) - Score 20 winners on a drop shot.
First step of the tournament (Bronze) - WORLD TOUR - Win your first Tournament match.
For the Flag (Bronze) - CAREER - Win a match for your country.
Gender equality (Bronze) - WORLD TOUR - Play 20 matches in Male WT and 20 matches in Female WT.
Golden boy (Silver) - Unlock all the skills of a Gold Coach.
New Talent (Bronze) - CAREER - Reach the 'New Talent' status.
No pain, no gain (Bronze) - WORLD TOUR / CAREER - Complete 20 Special Objectives during Sparring Partner Trainings.
Platinum (Platinum) - Unlock all the trophies in the game.
Real Tennis format (Silver) - Win a singles match in 5 sets / 6 games / No Super Tie-break.
Rise of the Ball Machines (Bronze) - Play 50 balls sent by the ball machine in the Practice Ground.
Rising Star (Bronze) - CAREER - Reach the 'Rising Star' status.
Rookie (Bronze) - CAREER - Reach the 'Rookie' status.
Someone else? (Silver) - Beat all the 25 licensed players in any game mode.
Sorry... (Bronze) - Win a point on a let.
Star (Bronze) - CAREER - Reach the 'Star' status.
Superstar (Silver) - CAREER - Reach the 'Superstar' status.
Teacher's pet (Bronze) - TOP SPIN ACADEMY - Complete all the lessons.
Tennis for two (Bronze) - Win a doubles match.
Tennis elbow (Bronze) - Lose an online singles match (3 sets of 3 games / Super Tie-Break) without winning a game.
Tennis teacher (Bronze) - Win an online singles match (3 sets of 3 games / Super Tie-Break) without losing a game.
The Greatest (Gold) - CAREER - You're now the greatest player in tennis history.
The Undisputed King (Bronze) - KING OF THE COURT - Win a King of the Court game without losing any sessions.
True Top Spin geek (Silver) - Play 250 matches.
Volley master (Bronze) - Score 150 winners at the net.
Warming up (Bronze) - WORLD TOUR - Win your first Direct match.
White board (Bronze) - Hire a coach.
You're not kidding anymore (Silver) - WORLD TOUR - Reach a grade of 15.
Young Gun (Bronze) - CAREER - Reach the 'Young Gun' status.

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