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Unlock Trophies
Architect of Legend (Silver) - Build 150 cities in Campaign mode.
Collector (Bronze) - Fill a hero's inventory.
Defender of Carthage (Bronze) - Complete the four Carthaginian campaigns.
First Step (Bronze) - Complete the four Roman campaigns.
Magic Mason (Silver) - Build 300 buildings in Campaign mode.
Martinet of Mars (Silver) - Complete one open mission in Brutally Brutal mode.
Master of the Known World (Bronze) - Conquer 50 territories.
Great Mobhad (Bronze) - Complete the four Persian campaigns.
Hallali from Hell (Silver) - Defeat 1,000 enemies.
Heavy Obsessive (Silver) - Create 100 heavy artillery units.
Peloponnesian Guardian (Bronze) - Complete the four Greek campaigns.
Son of Osiris (Bronze) - Complete the four Egyptian campaigns.
Son of Theseus (Silver) - Kill the Minotaur ten times.
The People's Hero (Silver) - Build 20 cities with fortifications.

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