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Feb. 17, 2012
Mar. 24, 2009
Free Mode
Get these people like this:

Amy Rose - All "S" Ranks on Soleanna mystery missions.
Blaze the Cat - Pass all Soleanna mystery missions.
E-123 Omega - All "S" Ranks on GUN Commander missions.
Knuckles the Echidna - All "S" Ranks on Town Stage missions.
Miles "Tails" Prower - Pass all Town Stage missions.
Rouge the Bat - Pass all GUN Commander missions.

Last Episode
To Unlock the Last Episode, beat Sonic's Episode, Silver's Episode, and Shadow's Episode.

Free Mode
Clear all levels, boss and town missions with S rank.

Unlock "Extras" Menu
Complete either Sonic, Shadow, or Silver's story 100% to unlock the Extras menu on the main menu.

Unlock Characters
Meet certain requirements in Sonic's story to unlock Shadow and Silver's stories:

Shadow the Hedgehog - Complete 'Crisis City' with Sonic
Silver the Hedgehog - Complete 'Silver the Hedgehog' boss battle with Sonic

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