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Refill Sand Tank
Hold [L3] and press [Circle], [Circle], [X], [Square], [Square], [X], [Triangle], [Triangle] while playing to refill the sand tank.
Unlock Trophies
Full Circle (Silver) - Activate castle's defences.
One Hard Decision (Gold) - Defeat your father.
Game Master (Gold) - Complete the game rewinding the time less than 20 times.
Master of Time (Silver) - Rewind time 200 times.
Sand Apprentice (Silver) - Kill 150 enemies.
Sand Bearer (Silver) - Obtain the Dagger of Time.
Sand Collector (Gold) - Collect all 48 Sand Clouds.
Sand Warrior (Gold) - Kill 300 enemies.
Sands of Time (Silver) - Play the game for over 10 hours.
Prince of Persia (Platinum) - Obtain all other trophies.
Prince of Sand (Gold) - Finish the game.
Secret of Argabah (Gold) - Find and drink from all hidden fountains.

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