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Oct. 08, 2010
Unlock Trophies
Butterfingers (Silver) - Force 3 fumbles in a game (no OTP).
Master Strategist (Bronze) - Create a Game Plan.
Nano (Bronze) - Tackle the QB before he can hand the ball off (no OTP).
No Offense (Silver) - Intercept 5 passes in a game (no OTP).
Old Spice Swagger Pick 6 (Silver) - Intercept a pass and return it for a touchdown (no OTP).
Old Spice Swagger Return (Silver) - Return a punt for a touchdown (no OTP).
Perfect Game (Gold) - Have a perfect passer rating in a game (no OTP).
Pick Up 6 (Gold) - Win a Fight for the Fumble in the end zone for a TD (no OTP).
Sack Master (Bronze) - Record 5 sacks in a game with one player (no OTP).
Comeback Kids (Bronze) - Win after being behind in the last 2 min of the game (min. qtr. len. 3 min, no OTP).
Deadly Accurate (Silver) - Have a 92% or higher completion percentage in a game (min. 20 attempts, no OTP).
Defensive Dominance (Silver) - Hold your opponent to under 100 yards of offense (min qtr. len. 5 min, no OTP).
Did I Break It? (Silver) - Win a game by at least 59 points (max qtr. len. 7 min, no OTP).
Elusive Man (Bronze) - Break 5 tackles in a game with one player (no OTP).
Fantasy Freak (Silver) - Rush for over 200 yards in a game with one player (no OTP).
He's Got All Day (Bronze) - Stay in the pocket for 10 seconds (no OTP).
Home Run (Silver) - Break and 80+ yard touchdown run (no OTP).
Laces Out (Gold) - Kick a 60+ yard Field Goal (no OTP).
Madden Moments (Gold) - Complete the 'Super Bowl Sunday' Madden Moment.
Madden NFL 11 Master (Platinum) - Congratulations on earning every Madden NFL 11 trophy!
Man Dozer (Bronze) - Rush for 50 yards after the first hit in one game (no OTP).
Thanks For Coming (Bronze) - Play the Pro Bowl (Franchise Mode).
Very Special Teams (Gold) - Return 2 kicks for touchdowns in one game with one player (no OTP).
Winning Isn't Everything (Gold) - Catch 21 passes in a game with one player (no OTP).
YACtastic (Silver) - Have over 100 YAC in one game (no OTP).

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