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Unlock Trophies - Jak 3
Art or Facts? (Bronze) - Race for Artifacts.
Batter the Boss (Silver) - Beat Cyber-Errol Boss.
Beat It (Bronze) - Beat Kleiver in Desert Race.
Big Tower Fall Down (Silver) - Destroy Metal Head Tower.
Black Thumb Too (Bronze) - Kill Dark Plants in Forest.
Blam! (Bronze) - Break Barrier with Blast Bot.
Bombs on a Train (Bronze) - Escort Bomb Train.
Boom Bada Boom (Bronze) - Destroy Incoming Blast Bots.
Bossing the Bot Boss (Silver) - Defeat Veger's Precursor Robot.
Can Can Cannon (Silver) - Destroy Sniper Cannons.
Clear Vision (Bronze) - Activate Astro-Viewer in Forest.
Crunched (Bronze) - Destroy Eggs in Nest.
Do Gooder (Silver) - Rescue Wastelanders 2.
Duck and Dodge (Bronze) - Reach Catacombs via Palace Ruins.
Dude in Distress (Bronze) - Rescue Seem at Temple.
Empty Nesters (Bronze) - Destroy Metal-pedes in Nest.
Ex-plorer (Bronze) - Explore Eco Mine.
Fait Accompli (Platinum) - For Stamina and Time On Your Hands and an insatiable need for completion.
Gate Crasher Masher (Bronze) - Defend Spargus' Front Gate.
Head Over Here (Gold) - Collect 250 Metal Head Skull Gems.
Hi Jak! (Bronze) - Hijack Eco Vehicle.
Hot Babe (Bronze) - Defend Ashelin at Oasis.
I Smell A Rat (Bronze) - Catch Kanga-Rats.
I Want to Destroy! (Bronze) - Destroy War Factory Defenses.
Is It Hot in Here? (Bronze) - Hang Glide to Volcano.
My Head Hurts (Silver) - Collect 125 Metal Head Skull Gems.
Oh My Head (Bronze) - Collect 25 Metal Head Skull Gems.
Plasma Ball (Bronze) - Destroy Dark Ship.
Port to Starboard (Silver) - Defend Port from Attack.
Railing at the Wind (Bronze) - Travel through Catacomb Subrails.
Shields are Down (Bronze) - Destroy Dark Ship Shield.
Shoot 'em High (Bronze) - Defend Spargus from Attack.
Swamp Gas (Bronze) - Reach Port via Sewer.
Swimming Hole (Bronze) - Reach Metal Head Area via Sewer.
Switcheroo (Bronze) - Find Switch in Sewers.
Taking Him Down (Gold) - Destroy Final Boss.
Tanks for the Mammaries (Bronze) - Destroy Dark Eco Tanks.
The Beast Beater (Bronze) - Destroy Metal Head Beasts.
The Best Defense (Bronze) - Defend HQ from Attack.
The Masked Marauders (Silver) - Take Out Marauder Stronghold.
The Orbiter of Faith (Bronze) - Collect 50 Precursor Orbs.
The Orbiter of Record (Gold) - Collect 600 Precursor Orbs.
The Orbiter of Taste (Silver) - Collect 300 Precursor Orbs.
They Were Ruined Anyway (Bronze) - Break through Ruins.
World Wild Fight (Bronze) - Defeat Marauders in Arena.
Yippie Ki-Yay (Bronze) - Corral Wild Leapers.
Zoom Zoom (Bronze) - Race for More Artifacts.

Unlock Trophies - Jak and Daxter - The Precursor Legacy
There are 22 Bronze Trophies, 12 Silver Trophies, 4 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum Trophy.

Battle Hardened (Gold) - The Final Battle Against Gol and Maia.
Black Thumb (Silver) - Defeat the Dark Eco Plant.
Buzzed (Silver) - Collect 49 Scout Flies.
Buzzin' (Bronze) - Collect 28 Scout Flies.
Catch as Catch Can (Silver) - Catch the Flying Lurkers.
De-Klawwed (Silver) - Defeat Klaww.
Eggs Over Hard (Bronze) - Push the Flut Flut Egg Off the Cliff.
Gimmee That! (Bronze) - Get the Power Cell from the Pelican.
Green Thumb (Silver) - Cure Dark Eco Infected Plants.
Hand Over Fish (Bronze) - Catch 200 Pounds of Fish.
Hey, Set Me Free! (Bronze) - Free the Yellow Sage.
Hungry? (Bronze) - Protect Farthy's Snacks.
I Got The Blues (Bronze) - Navigate the Blue Precursor Rings.
It's Cold Out Here (Silver) - Stop the 3 Lurker Glacier Troops.
It's Dark in Here (Bronze) - Survive the Lurker Infested Cave.
Kerblamm! (Silver) - Destroy the Dark Eco Crystals.
Maximum Power! (Gold) - Collect 101 Power Cells.
No, Set Me Free! (Bronze) - Free the Blue Sage.
Open Sez Me (Bronze) - Open the Precursor Door.
Pop Goes the Lurker (Bronze) - Destroy the Balloon Lurkers.
Power Chords (Silver) - Collect 50 Power Cells.
Power Lunch (Bronze) - Collect 25 Power Cells.
Purple Pain (Bronze) - Navigate the Purple Precursor Rings.
Set Me Free Already! (Bronze) - Free the Green Sage.
Set Me Free! (Bronze) - Free the Red Sage.
Shiny Happy Steeples (Silver) - Connect the Eco Beams.
Speedy Fast (Silver) - Beat the Record Time on the Gorge.
The Lead Zeppelin (Silver) - Break all Four Tethers to the Zeppelin.
The Orberator (Silver) - Collect 1,000 Precursor Orbs.
The Orbist (Bronze) - Collect 100 Precursor Orbs.
The Super Orberator (Gold) - Collect 2,000 Precursor Orbs.
Tonight's Featured Event (Bronze) - Defeat Lurker Ambush in Arena.
Top of the Heap (Platinum) - You have mastered the game and collected all there is to collect!
Totally Buzzed Out! (Gold) - Collect 112 Scout Flies.
Twist and Shout (Bronze) - Defeat the Lurker Ambush.
Yee Haw! (Bronze) - Herd the Yakows in to their Pen.
Zoom Zoom! (Bronze) - Reach the End of the Mountain Pass.
Zoom! (Bronze) - Reach the End of Fire Canyon.
Zoom, Zoom, Zoom! (Bronze) - Reach the End of the Lava Tube.

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