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Jun. 13, 2012
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Unlock Levels
At the main menu hold [L1]+[L2], then press [Triangle], [Square], [Square], [Triangle], [Triangle], [Square], [Square], [Triangle].
Unlock Trophies
Every picture (Silver) - Every Gallery pickup collected.
INKT smasher (Gold) - All Gold Clean-Up awards completed.
INKT informed (Bronze) - Pinky's Guide to inkies completed.
Keepin' it real (Bronze) - All levels completed without upgrades.
Maximum Blob (Silver) - Blob and Pinky completely upgraded.
Paradise Island liberated (Silver) - 'Paradise Island' level completed.
Pinky to the rescue (Bronze) - Blob and Pinky played a level together.
Platinum Trophy (Platinum) - All Trophies obtained!.
Medal of Color (Gold) - All story levels completed in normal mode.
Nature Lover (Gold) - All Gold Environment awards completed.
Nothing but the best (Gold) - All story levels completed to 'S' class.
The People's Hero (Gold) - All Gold Liberation awards completed.
Totally inspired (Silver) - Every inspiration pickup collected or earned.

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